Safeguard Your Vulnerable asset with Anti-virus

Anti Virus, as the name itself tells the entire story, is burgeoning software which suitably adapt to the platform to which it is attached. This a dynamic hefty code which existed only to eradicate or mitigate the effect of Virus on your system files.


Most probably, virus are the faulty codes which very well adapt to the executable files and other system files stored onto your system. Hence, virus may have very serious issues relating to your disk files and application files too. Viruses may lead to various malfunctioning; corrupted disk data, theft of personal data, deletion of contacts, file delete, CPU time consumption, abrupt filled memory space, or even display of unethical messages etc. Viruses can modulate in the forms like Trozan Horse, Spam, Spyware, Phishing etc.

In each one of the above mentioned threats activities involved are : System files are constantly corrupted by damaging the content, sending illegal emails in the form of advertisement, Some codes once entered into the system will keep keen vigil on the activities performed on that system, sometimes some viruses offers data to be sent to faulty destination respectively.

Surely, you will not like to have any of the above mentioned conditions, therefore it is always better to have precaution rather than cure.

The best remedy to avoid and prevent the attack of Virus is it’s counterpart called Anti-Virus. These are the program files that are written to avoid the faulty action of virus by either:

  1. Avoiding the infected files to enter into the system
  2. Eradicating the already spread virus infection
  3. Avoiding files with infection to make transaction with other system file in order to avoid further spread
  4. Not allowing internal files and codes to connect to malicious link through Internet

To avoid, eradicate, mitigate and rectify the infection through virus, trozan and spyware and phishing, One dignified Anti Virus has beenĀ  embarked, called Protegent Anti-virus. This application has marked the milestone in Internet security domain with extended features:

1. Acting as firewall to filter incoming and outgoing files

2. Scanning all incoming and outgoing data for identifying the presence of malicious code

3. Searching for bad codes in authentic files too, to check the existence of spying link in internal system

4. Free trial version for 30 days, working efficiently as the full version

Furthermore, this anti-virus software incorporates worthy add-on features of Crash Proof and USB Blocking.

Where crash proof is the enhanced technology to replicate the disk data on to another disk, this feature is called ‘Disk Imaging’, mostly require in the cases where data is lost/damaged/deleted/corrupted. In these cases its better to recover the entire data in the form of image of the disk captivating the worry free future. Lastly, USB blocking is also a tremendous ideology to avoid the infusion bad code files through USB pen drives. So, get the full version Anti-virus software for your system to add life to your personal assets.