Strike Out Vulnerable PC Threats By Adopting Effective Security Program

complete securityIf you are looking forward for an absolute Anti-virus that can help you shield your critical data and protect your PC from devastating factors… then I must appreciate your smart clicks that have directed you to the right page. Protegent 360 is a complete security software that encompasses robust techniques and features to ensure complete security against evolving Internet threats. This immaculate application is designed under the supervision of eminent data security professionals, and ranked as worlds safest program against all the e-threats, which may hamper business growth.

Significantly, this intuitive software is beyond an antivirus that not only prevents system from malware (of all kinds), like malicious BHOs, keyloggers, fraudtools, adware backdoors, hijackers, ransomware, rootkits, worms, malicious LSPs, trojan horses, dialers, and spyware, but also bards data laekage, ensures accelerated system efficiency. In addition, it encrypts all the confidential files of users to avoid unauthorized access. Superior Skin of “Protegent 360

This software comprises 5 superb modules that facilitates all-round security to the user’s system:

Protegent Total Security –  Empowered by comprehensive scanning techniques, this module prevents data loss due to hard drive crash or malware intrusions. This Total Security Software module fastens the processing speed and performance of your PC with the help of system tune-up incorporated in the module.

Port Locker –  This is one of the best modules added in “Protegent 360”, which restricts unauthorized or unethical attempts of a user to perform data transfer through USB ports.

Activity Reporter –  One of the interesting as well as noteworthy module, which allows tracking online or offline activities of the users.

Laptop Tracking One of the “wow” modules in “Protegent 360” that help tracking your Laptop in case of theft. This well-versed technique tracks the location of the stolen laptop once it gets connected to the Internet and sends it to the user. Furthermore, it encrypts the crucial data of user, if not connected for the specified time.

Crash Proof This module helps preventing  data loss and is capable of recovering lost or deleted data against all kind of logical crashes.

Well, I am sure that you must have never heard of such a robust security program ever. If you want your PC free from all these advanced threats, get your system installed this impeccable software and enjoy safe Internet journey throughout.