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Best Antivirus for your PC

Which is the Best Antivirus for your PC?

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is a solution developed to secure the systems and data from Trojans, viruses, worms, malware, spyware, adware, phishing, etc. In this era of 21st century, technology has risen to the next level where not only businesses and organizations are benefiting from it but also facing the negative impact as well.

Technology development has led to contributing in enhancing the security and data risks for the users and businesses as hackers are coming up with the diverse tricks and methods. Hence, the only solution that proves to be beneficial in mitigating the probability of security attacks is an antivirus software.

In the current scenario of covid-19, more than half of the population is working from home so that the virus is contained. It has been evaluated that currently due to outbreak in the world probability of security attacks have increased at high rate as people are using their system on regular basis.

So, it has become easier for the attackers to breach the system and disrupt the saved data in the system. Basically, either they misuse it or damage for their foolish purposes. Thus, it is relevant for the users to understand the significance of using an antivirus software as it is the best solution.

Now, let’s discuss more comprehensively about the other aspects of software.

Why there is a need of using Protegent Antivirus?

To find the answer for this question, let’s discuss two scenarios as it would be easier to understand the need of software.

Nick and Tom are working in “ABC” Company and both are working as team leaders in the same business as it specifically deals in data management services for the customers and are even offering services to other businesses as well. Two managers have been hired as managing the data is a complex task and they cannot take the risk with the security measures. Nick has been working in the IT and security industry for more than 10 years and Tom holds the 8 years of experience.

They both were handed over the responsibilities to ensure that there is no problem linked to the security. Now, let’s talk about the Nick who has been handling the complete security of the business. He has ensured integrating the security measures that would help the business in managing security. Even after, having the years of experience Nick had not installed the antivirus software and encountered the problems in system.

He discovered that the system was breached and data was ruptured. What happened was, he was experiencing the slowing down of system and also suspicious activities in the system and found out that attackers had inserted the virus in the systems. He was terminated from the business.

On the other hand, Tom who holds the 8 years of experience has ensured the effective security to systems. The noteworthy thing is that he doesn’t have to look after the system every hour. The reason for augmented security here is installing the Protegent antivirus solution. However, he had recommended the same to Nick but he was quite over-confident to handle on his own. This software updates the system for Tom on frequent basis and notifies him if there is any suspicious activity. He also don’t have to worry about the data security because software doesn’t let unauthorized access the system and encrypts the data securely.

Now, concluding this case it would have been clear as of now how important Protegent antivirus software is. Most importantly, organizations who specializes in handling the data must not ignore the need of it to avoid the probability of any security threat or cyber-attack.

Benefits of Protegent Antivirus

Let’s check-out the benefits Protegent antivirus is offering to the customers:

  • One of the primary benefits of using the software is it would ensure that the system is protected from virus and any kind of transmission. Users would be able to identify the virus beforehand and removal can be initiated. The software takes care of everything on its own.
  • Spam ads and popup ads have become the major source of viruses these days and removing them is an intricate task. But, Protegent antivirus software use benefit in resolving this problem as well efficiently. It not only fight against them but also makes certain the access to network is blocked for unauthorized entities.
  • Fake emails have become a common thing in the present days. It becomes problematic for the users to identify whether they are genuine or not as they seems to be so real. So, in this situation again Protegent antivirus plays an important role. If it is installed already in the system then there is no need to worry because it detects the suspicious mail and remove it before it can lead to damaging the system. It also block the access of data for an unknown user.
  • Another reason for using this software is security from removable devices. It is difficult to detect any malicious activity in the devices like pen drive, USBs, CD/DVDs but the use of software benefits in removing this problem as well. It scans the device when connected to the system and if there is any suspicious activity then it restrict the entry of it within the system.

Features of Protegent Antivirus

Coming to the features of software then follow the discussion below:

  • The integration of advanced cloud protection technology feature is for the identification of emerging security threats and ensuring that the additional security layer is executed within the system and data.
  • The feature of active virus control is accumulated in the software as it has the efficiency of monitoring the applications that are running on the computer. It also takes care of identifying the malware and objects which are not ethical.
  • Malware prevention feature is there in the software as it benefits in monitoring the malware constantly. In case, the malware is detected, the software ensures removing it within the system without the knowledge of the user.
  • Setting protection feature can be found in the software which assists in protecting the settings for a user with a password. It doesn’t let the unauthorized user modify or alter the settings even after holding the rights of admin.
  • The hourly update feature is for updating the system every hour and securing the system from viruses efficiently.


Concluding the write-up, it has been evaluated that the use of Protegent antivirus software proves to be beneficial for both, users and corporates. It has become one of the renowned products in the industry only because of its efficiencies. The software has been offering amazing benefits with exceptional features and unique modules.

In the current situation, most of the people are opting to work from home due to coronavirus so the software is a great savior as it would help in protecting the system and data entirely because probabilities of cyber-attack or security threat have also increased with the pandemic.

So, if you are also working from home and looking for a reliable software then get yours here:

Stay safe. Stay home.


Best Antivirus for Windows

Best Total Security 2020

When you think of an antivirus it is always good to think for something which is ahead of its time like the best total security 2020 antivirus solution. The threat landscape is bound to evolve and there is a need for the most advanced antivirus solution to provide maximum protection for the user’s computer system and laptops.

Hackers and cyber criminals are evolving their techniques as well as creating harmful malware regularly to bypass the security covers of ordinary antivirus solution. This not only calls for the safety of the laptop and computer systems but also asks for better protection while using the internet and other applications online. With many new and old hacking practices, it is important to have the best total security 2020 antivirus solution for your computer system and laptops.

For being the best total security 2020 antivirus solution, the security companies must emphasis on building the best possible security algorithm for their products to tackle all the old as well as the latest malware threats. This includes identifying the virus & other harmful threats and updating the virus database regularly. The best total security 2020 antivirus solution needs to have proactive cloud protection technology to regularly update the virus database and provide maximum security against harmful threats online as well as offline.

Why Cloud Antivirus should be an Integral part of Best Total Security 2020 solution?

Most of the best total security 2020 antivirus solution has already upgraded its customers to cloud protection. Cloud protection being an important aspect in modern-day antivirus provides a user 24 hour protection from threats. The best total security 2020 antivirus solution with cloud protection downloads all the important updates automatically and provides real-time protection against harmful malware and other threats.

Cloud protection carries many advantages with it, one of them is automatic updates. With cloud protection antivirus, the user doesn’t need to update the antivirus regularly but the application will automatically take updates as soon as it is available on the server. This will save time which a user usually spends on the regular manual update of antivirus software.  As this update processing takes place on cloud servers, thus it also increases the proficiency of the user with minimum effect on the performance of the system. Moving to cloud antivirus also serves the addition benefit of an increased productivity. The cloud-based antivirus is faster in processing, lighter on memory and provides stronger protection against the viruses.

The cloud antivirus updates the threat database on a regular basis and with the advantage of storing millions of threat samples, it can add new ones in the real-time and share the update with the users immediately. The large library of threats in the database has old, new and the latest threat samples with which it compares the vulnerabilities. Even in case, if the cloud antivirus detects any new malware in any user’s system, it automatically updates the vulnerability in the threat database and shares this new update with all the connected systems immediately. The cloud antivirus provides instant protection from this latest malware not only the affected user but also to the other connected users as well.

This is why the best total security 2020 antivirus software must have active cloud protection technology to safeguard the computer systems and laptops.

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Why Data Recovery is important in Best Total Security 2020 solution?

In this digital age, we require more digital space than ever. Be it photos, videos, documents, applications or files. Almost every day we create some new data and store it in our computer systems. This data which is stored on a laptop or personal computer could be some important business files, stories, photos & video memories, to-do lists, monthly tasks, and many other forms of files. System crash, corrupt and format are very common issues and this can cause great loss to the computer users. This loss is not only a financial one but also a loss of precious memories and important files.

If we lose our data, we most often lost all the hopes of recovering it back once the system gets corrupted or formatted accidentally and even some times intentionally. At this moment, the user is left with very limited options to get back their data. These accidental formats are very common and users should always make sure that their data remains protected. For this, they should opt for the best total security 2020 solution which comes with active data recovery option. This will protect the user’s data in even the worst case scenarios of accidental lost, deleted or corrupted data. The data recovery option in the best total security 2020 provides 100% assurance of recovering data files of any size.

User’s data is very important and everyone should be concerned about it, the best total security 2020 antivirus software should have data recovery option through which user can recover all the photos, videos and other important files in case of a system crash or for any other reason.

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Important Features for Best Total Security 2020

Antivirus and Antispyware: The best total security 2020 must have an active and advanced antivirus tool, which can provide maximum protection against harmful viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and other threats. With the ever increasing threat landscape, it is important that the best total security 2020 should guarantee maximum protection for the user’s computer system and laptops. This should also include protection from zero-day attacks, rootkit, spyware, keyloggers, RATs, worms and cryptojacking attempts. The best total security 2020 antivirus software keeps the system secure from every virus threat and ensures that the user has the best experience while using the computer system and laptop.

Anti-phishing: Phishing has been known as the most used technique to target the victims by cyber criminals worldwide. With technology becoming advanced, hackers and cyber criminals are using more advanced ways of phishing attacks to lure their victims and make them their prey. The web of phishing is very wide and almost every person who uses the internet is a target of cyber criminals. The various types and techniques of phishing attacks make it more dangerous. To prevent from phishing attacks, the most important part is played by the users as their awareness can protect them from phishing. Also, the best total security 2020 that should block all web pages which support virus scams and personal data phishing attempts. Every best total security 2020 must have an anti-phishing module to protect users from becoming a target of cyber criminals due to phishing attacks.

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Why Safe Browsing is important for the Best Total Security 2020?

As we all know that the Internet has revolutionized the world. Today more than billion peoples are connected with the internet. With more and more people connecting with the internet, more and more cyber crimes are taking place. Internet is a good, bad and ugly place depending upon the experiences of peoples. The good internet serves us information and helps us in many ways whereas bad internet made us face the dark side of it by causing financial, personal and social losses. Anybody can become a target for cyber criminals, no matter how a person thinks.

To safeguard from these known and unknown internet threats, the best total security 2020 antivirus solution must provide safe browsing option for the users. People use the internet for many purposes like for shopping, official work, using social media, online banking, bill payments, playing online games, reading news, articles and many more other activities. On many occasions users are asked to share their personal information which may contain Name, address, phone number, social security number, family member’s details, etc, on the other hand, many websites require user’s financial information such as credit card number, debit card number, online banking username and passwords. Also, there are websites which asks for both the personal and financial information. Submitting this information can be very tricky as they may be used to harm a person as well as can cause financial loss if it gets into the hands of cyber criminals.

The best antivirus guide for laptop users: Your Guide to Identify Best Antivirus for Laptop

This demands a robust security mechanism which can assures the user to access the internet safely and can transact in a secure environment over the internet. The best total security 2020 antivirus should have active internet browsing option which can keep the malicious websites and links at bay and provide secure internet access. The cyber criminals always make various attempts to lure victims in submitting their personal and financial details, which they use most of the times to get monetary benefits. Cyber criminals create malicious websites which looks similar to the original websites. This made users to think that they are accessing the regular safe website and use it normally by entering their financial and personal information. The other method they use by generating a malicious link which redirects the user to infected websites or infesting virus or other malware into the user system through a fake website, link or an attachment. The best total security 2020 provides 100 percent security against these malicious websites and provides safety to the user’s system. The malicious websites and links can be very harmful and user’s attention is very much required to stay alert in case the user finds something suspicious in the visited website.

The best total security 2020 antivirus software allow users to do online shopping, payment and banking safely without compromising on the security factor. This also prevents any type of malicious attempts by cyber criminals over social media.  With the best total security, 2020 antivirus software, users can safely surf the internet without worrying about their privacy and security.

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Protection from Removable Devices/ USB Threat Protection in the Best Total Security 2020

Removable devices can be a source of virus intrusion in a system. Many people intentionally or intentionally carry harmful viruses in the removable device and when contacted it gets transmitted into the system. Depending upon the severity of the virus, it can affect adversely to the computer system or laptop. To protect viruses taking this alternative route into your system the best total security 2020 should use neural smart scan technology to provide safety against viruses in removable devices. The best total security 2020 antivirus solution automatically scans the removable devices as soon as it is plugged into the computer system or laptop. This should also provide additional options of selective scanning of the removable devices. The best total security 2020 antivirus solution having USB or removable devices protection is a must feature for protection against viruses.

Importance of Two-way Firewall in best total security 2020

Computer systems with internet access are never considered safe from viruses or from attempts by cyber criminals. The two-way firewalls offer real protection as they combat inbound threats and can prevent viruses from entering user’s system from the internet. This form of protection prevents hackers from accessing a user’s computer and retrieving sensitive information without the user’s permission. With the double control system in the best total security 2020 antivirus solution, any form of unauthorized activity becomes impossible.

Sometimes, unknowingly the presence of an unknown malware on the computer system can not only harm the system but can also affect the connected systems in the network through the internet. With the two-way firewall’s outbound protection user can get the maximum security in case any unknown malware present in the system. The multi-pronged security of two-way firewall includes inbound and outbound firewall security mechanism. This is also helpful in filtering out the traffic coming into and out of the user’s computer system to protect it against malicious viruses. The two-way firewall in the best total security 2020 antivirus software is an important addition to multiply the security structure of user’s computer system and laptops.

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The Best Total Security 2020 will Speed Up Your PC

Speed always thrills! Everybody wants their computer system or laptop to run smoothly and provides maximum output. Whether watching movies, doing official work or surfing the internet, it feels only good if the computer system performs well. The best total security 2020 antivirus software should be very light on the user’s system resources that the presence of antivirus running in the background won’t affect the performance of other application on the system.

The best total security 2020 antivirus software should come with features which don’t let user’s system slowdown. The best total security 2020 antivirus software with low footprint ensures smooth system performance and provides maximum productivity.

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There is a growing need to protect ourselves from the web of cyber criminals. Nobody can consider themselves as safe on the internet. The internet is accessible across geographies, this gives the cyber criminals opportunity to target any person even if it the person belongs to different country. The first step towards safety from the cyber criminals is to spread awareness about the do’s and don’ts on the internet. The more the people get aware about the internet safe and secure practices the more they can safely use the internet.

Protegent Total Security is the best total security 2020 antivirus solution presently available in the market. With all the mentioned features and some extra features, it provides maximum protection for user’s personal computer and laptops. The best total security 2020 is the need of the hour to get protection from the ever-increasing threat space. With hackers growing smart the best total security 2020 antivirus software should be smarter enough to outsmart the malicious attempts by cyber criminals.

Choosing the best total security 2020 antivirus has now become much easier with Protegent Total Security. It not only protects user’s computer system but also provides 30% extra features from other products available in the market. With Protegent Total Security, users get many more security features including advanced cloud protection, antivirus & antispyware tool, anti-phishing tool, ransomware protection, one-click removable device scan, hourly update, rootkit protection, email protection, low foot prints, two-way firewall, web control/parental control, USB threat protection, etc. The feature rich antivirus software provides all round protection from harmful virus, malware, ransomware, rootkit, spam and other online threats. Protegent Total Security antivirus is also world’s only antivirus which comes with inbuilt data recovery software to recover your data in case of system crash or format. As the best total security 2020 antivirus, Protegent is the most popular choice of users when it comes to protection of their computer system or laptops from malicious threats.

Download your free trial of Protegent Antivirus Software:-

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Best Antivirus for Windows

Getting the Best Antivirus for Windows Operating System

With the increasing cyber crimes, it’s clearly important to make sure that your computer system is protected by the best antivirus for windows

Your laptop with windows operating system demands a high level of security from viruses and other threats. It’s always confusing when it comes to choosing the best antivirus for Windows operating system.

Windows system is surely not the most secure systems that are available today but it is definitely the most user-friendly operating system. People love windows operating system and so are the cybercriminals and hackers around the globe. There is a greater need to choose the best antivirus for windows also.

Why You Need Best Antivirus for Windows?

It is imperative to have the best antivirus for windows which monitors mistrustful downloads, scans all the files & folders, watches for malicious software and suspicious software behavior. With the increasing cyber crimes, it’s clearly important to make sure that your laptop/ computer system is protected with the best antivirus for windows.

The threat landscape is evolving day by day and so as the ways to conduct cyber attacks. The developers of malicious malware and virus are coming up with new ways to harm your windows system. If you don’t have the best antivirus for windows then you are taking your online security at risk. A strong antivirus for windows ward off malware attacks and keeps user computers running efficiently. It has to be reliable and accurate in its virus detecting mechanism.

Online banking and shopping are also one of the common practices nowadays which is another big target of cybercriminals. Windows users need a safeguard against their browsing practices and shop, bank freely over the internet with the help of the best antivirus for windows.

Features to look for in Best Antivirus for Windows

Effective Online Protection: Our most of the task involves our engagement with the online world or over the internet. There are many good and bad actors present in the online world and this makes the online world a less secure place. Threat actors are always behind your personal data, harming you financially or damaging your windows system. In some cases, the loss is beyond recoverable. The best antivirus for windows should be able to update constantly, easily customized and always on to tackle any online threats to safeguard user and user data.

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Strong Firewall Protection:  Online threats are lurking around your windows system to get the access but with the best antivirus for windows you can have a strong firewall which effectively thwarts all the incoming threat actors and provide safety for your system. The best antivirus for windows also provides real-time protection against malicious virus and threats.

Phishing and Ransomware protection: There is a greater need for protection against the phishing scams and ransomware. The cybercriminals mostly rely on these two to gain financial benefits and personal information about the victim. The best antivirus for windows must provide extensive protection against phishing and ransomware by blocking access to malicious websites, scanning emails for malicious links or attachments and providing safe browsing. The anti-phishing and anti-ransomware modules in the best antivirus for windows alerts the user about the malicious links in the search engine and blocks them before any of the dangerous websites cause any harm to the user.

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Anti-virus and Anti-malware Protection: The most basic function for any best antivirus for windows is to protect the system from virus, malware and other threats. This involves old and new malware both that can harm your windows operating system. This module in best antivirus for windows is to provide protection for the user’s system and keep it secure from these malicious threats.

Cloud Protection for Windows: To get real-time threat protection, the best antivirus for windows prefers cloud protection technology. This cloud protection technology updates the windows system automatically as soon as any new virus definition is added in the threat database which is placed on the server. This database receives and delivers the virus database from all the connected windows system and updates it and then again sends the updated database to the connected windows systems to provide maximum protection and that to in real-time.

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Removable Device Protection: The best antivirus for Windows automatically scans every removable device as soon as it is inserted in the laptop or computer system. This should be done automatically and shouldn’t require user permission for it although it should take user nod before taking action on detection of any malicious file or folder. The removable devices have been a major source of virus intrusion in windows operating system and the best antivirus for windows must entertain only secure removable devices.

Secure Browsing Experience: Internet browsing is an important aspect for the windows users and the best antivirus for windows must provide secure internet browsing experience for the users. This involves blocking malicious websites, showing an error if the user accidentally lands on suspected websites and creating a safe gateway for online shopping and online banking activities.

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The best antivirus for Windows operating system should provide all-round protection for your laptop or computer system. Protegent antivirus is one of the most advanced antivirus software and is the best antivirus for Windows operating system. Protegent antivirus comes with enhanced threat protection mechanism and cloud protection technology along with active data recovery option. With many more features in an antivirus, Protegent comes with extra features to provide maximum protection for the windows operating systems. The data recovery feature ensures that you never lose your data even in case of computer format or system corrupt issues.

Download your free trial of Protegent Antivirus Software:-


Protegent Antivirus

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Is an Antivirus Software Perfect for all Computer Users?


If you are really searching for the best antivirus software, I must say that you are at the right place. Today I am going to list out some of the very popular antivirus which works perfect well for all operating systems.

Before starting to list out the best antivirus software, I must give you a brief about selecting the best antivirus according to your requirements. At the present time, there are mainly three version of antivirus provided by the antivirus companies around the globe.

The first one is the antivirus software which is used for those systems which occasionally connects to internet and works on intranet only. The only way the unknown threats can enter the system through external drives like Pen drives, external hard disk and so on. This antivirus software protects the system from any unknown threats and keeps your system updated.

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