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How to Choose Free Antivirus Software for your PC

Purchased a new computer or laptop and thinking about free antivirus software to choose from? Don’t worry, we are here to share some tips which will make it easy for you to choose the best free antivirus software for your computer system/ laptop.

It is always a daunting task to select free antivirus software and most of the times we end up in getting the wrong free antivirus software for our PC. The process of selection is also very long as we try some free antivirus software and then uninstall it to find a better alternative. But the one thing that every user should keep in mind is the features and the requirement of the PC. There are some essential features which a good free antivirus software must have and then comes the additional features to complement the requirements of the user. Before getting confused and making a purchase decision, a user should always take a trial version of the free antivirus software and check it if it suits the user’s requirements.

Below are some of the listed features that one must always check while choosing free antivirus software for their computer system/ laptop.


  1. Security against Viruses: The main function of any antivirus is to provide security against the numerous threats which include viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing attacks, worms, spam attack and other online cyber threats. But a best free antivirus software will provide you additional security against these threats. As the threat space is increasing and cybercriminals are creating new forms of threats on a regular basis, free antivirus software must keep a check on all the latest threats and keep the system safe from them.


  • Email Protection: Emails are an essential part of our daily life and hackers are also utilizing it to search for their next victim. So, it is important for any free antivirus software to give maximum protection over emails also. An antivirus blocks all the web pages with viruses and threats which attempts at personal data phishing attempts. Good free antivirus software constantly scans all the emails being received by the user and checks for any vulnerability in it. The emails can be a phishing attempt, carrying virus-ridden attachments and links to malicious websites which can compromise the security of your system.


  • Safe Browsing: A free antivirus software should always provide the user with an option for safe online browsing experience. As many of us are using online space for activities like online shopping, banking, paying bills and for other transactions. So, it is important for any free antivirus software to have safe browsing option. Cybercriminals try various methods to lure the victims in sharing their personal and financial details. Details like bank account number, credit card number, passwords, social media accounts Ids and passwords can compromise your digital identity as well as can harm financially if being exposed. Free antivirus software should protect your digital space from the cybercriminals and provide a safe internet browsing experience.


  • USB Threat Protection: USB or any other external devices poses a potent threat to the computer system/ laptop. It is important for any free antivirus software to have the feature of scanning all the external devices as soon as they are inserted into the system. Many external devices are affected by the virus and this can harm your computer system very badly.


  • Regular Update: Your antivirus needs to be updated regularly to provide the best protection against the threats. So, automatic updates should be one of the features of free antivirus software. Some of the free antivirus software gets the update on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. The more frequently an antivirus software takes the update the more protected your personal computers will be. Choose an antivirus with regular and frequent automatic updates.


  • Protection against Adware: Adware overloads the computer system and compromises the user’s privacy. Good free antivirus software must provide protection against the adware so that you can browse the internet safely and protect your system. Adware is the most used method for virus intrusions into the system. Hackers create fake ads and websites to lure their victims and get their personal and financial details.


  • Cloud Protection Technology: Antivirus are getting advanced day by day and good free antivirus software should have active cloud protection technology to provide real-time threat protection. Cloud protection means the virus database is updated on a regular basis. It compares the database present in your personal computer with the cloud database and instantly checks for any latest threats. This also consumes less space and saves time in updating resulting in faster processing of your computer system.


  • Intuitive Interface: A good free antivirus software must have an interactive and easy user interface as users like to have the things simple. The interface must have easy options for scanning the whole system or custom system scan features and have the log details which can be easily accessible to the user. The best free antivirus software is easy to use for both tech-savvy and casual users.

It is important to have good free antivirus software installed on your computer system to protect your valuable data, files, documents and internet activities. Protegent antivirus software is the best free antivirus software which provides full security for your PC. It is the world’s only antivirus which comes with in-built data recovery software, which means you never have to worry about your data to get lost in case of system corruption or format. Protegent has all the above-mentioned features and it is updated every hour to give maximum protection for your personal computer/ laptop. With its advanced technology and threat detection mechanism, it is one the best free antivirus software available in the market with many additional features along with full proof security for your computer system/ laptop.

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Antivirus Software – Paid or Free



Antivirus, when used as paid or free version ensures security at both stages. But what concerns most to users is which of the two will satisfy their system requirement fully. Well, Security scientists/experts will defend use of a free version works the same level as the paid version of a security software does. Nevertheless, the only area in which they differ is the specification or area of protection they cover.

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Fed up of installing and downloading Anti-virus? Use Protegent Security

It is nowadays very repeatedly heard that data is changing, technology is updating, new invention are filling up the entire IT market space, Anti-Virus are also updating etc etc.

But, still the way people think, create and use have not changed, it feels as if the entire society and even countries or rather continents have come to a level of threshold. Here, new technologies are created, and on the next minutes are taken over by another one or rather its substitute is devised. Similar is the case with the sub-domain of Anti-Virus situation, where with the creation of new Anti-Virus, new remedy to combat the effect of Anti-virus is created, therefore if this entire process was to be evaluated then, we can come up to the conclusion that this is never ending vicious circle, where for every virus there is Anti-Virus and for every Anti-virus there is always again newer Virus waiting to attack the systems.

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Safeguard Your Vulnerable asset with Anti-virus

Anti Virus, as the name itself tells the entire story, is burgeoning software which suitably adapt to the platform to which it is attached. This a dynamic hefty code which existed only to eradicate or mitigate the effect of Virus on your system files.


Most probably, virus are the faulty codes which very well adapt to the executable files and other system files stored onto your system. Hence, virus may have very serious issues relating to your disk files and application files too. Viruses may lead to various malfunctioning; corrupted disk data, theft of personal data, deletion of contacts, file delete, CPU time consumption, abrupt filled memory space, or even display of unethical messages etc. Viruses can modulate in the forms like Trozan Horse, Spam, Spyware, Phishing etc.

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What would happen if files of your dream project some how gets deleted, when you have not deleted any of them. These files may be the hard work of your entire life, any file related to your report, or even may be your important notes which you have maintained for a long time efforts. This data can be very crucial and imperative too. The main reason for such major loss is virus, malware, spyware or any other such kind of malicious entities.

free internet security

Viruses are most commonly, a small program code that are appended with files stored onto the hard disk or on primary memory by replicating itself into several copies. This code is very powerful and an authoritative approach is opted to flow it through the entire system for destroying the entire system files. This is the only reason you will get all your files deleted. Continue reading