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WannaCry Ransomware Attack – Most Dangerous Virus Attack

Ransomware is the most malicious virus infection which is affecting users across the world. Ransomware first came into existence in 2012 where it used to fool people by claiming money in behalf of Metropolitan Police. Since then Ransomware always come with new version of malware which infect computers of users across the world and locked it up so that they can’t access the data files present in it. Actually, Ransomware infects the computer system by encrypting the data files present in it, and then demands money in bitcoins from the user to provide the decryption key which can be used to decrypt the data.

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Major Sources of Ransomware Attack in Computer System

Computer user might have heard about Ransomware which is the most popular computer virus (Encryption program) affecting people around the world at an increasing pace. Ransomware is getting really popular behind the reason of demand of ransom from the victim user to remove the ransomware encryption on user’s computer system.

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How Many forms of Ransomware Exist ?

At the present time, Ransomware is the most popular encryption (or virus) infection affecting computer system across the world with rapidly increasing rate. Ransomware is actually not a virus but a programmed code of malware which doesn’t allows user to access their computer’s data files either by encrypting the files or by even locking the operating system.

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Ransomware/Cryptolocker/Locky – Virus or Encryption


Ransomware is a computer program which is specially designed to restrict access to files and data of a particular system when gets into it. Currently Ransomware (alias: Cryptolocker or Locky) is the most popular attacks which are infecting computer system around the world at an increasing rate. Ransomware enters a system through email attachment from trusted domains. Ransomware Removal Tool is still not possible to develop. When the user opens the attachment, it gets into the computer system and executes an encryption program which starts encrypting the data files on the system with a unique encryption key using various algorithms like RSA.

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