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The Best System Tune-Up Software for 2021

How to Speed up Windows | The Best System Tune-Up Software for 2021

How SysBoost Module of Protegent360 Complete Security Antivirus Increase Your Work Efficiency?

If you’re sitting in front of a laptop or desktop on which windows is running very slow, then maybe you’re wondering just how much does it is cost your business?

The average current estimated value is 5.5 days per year for each employee.

Lagging, outdated computers and slow Internet connections demoralize employees and also cost the organization valuable time and money.

Quick boot times and swift operations is one of the most important requirement from PC’s and laptops nowadays. After all, we want our PCs to run at peak performance, regardless of whether we have a low budget laptop or an expensive gaming desktop. Slowly however, that blazing fast out-of-the-box performance fades away and PC slows down gradually.

Most computers eventually lose that speedy performance and become lethargic. The operating system gets clogged up as apps are added and the storage space on hard drive fills up with data. Programs can build up enormous caches and most people are unaware of such actions. With time, this full hard drive slows down and chokes the Operating system. Outdated drivers can also interrupt the fast performance and the system may cease to work correctly. Toolbars and other plug-ins can slowdown the internet browser to a crawl and the user may feel that the internet speed or connection is actually slow.

When our machines become impaired through constant use and neglect then it can no longer run smoothly the day to day applications and PC games may also lag while playing. But the good news is that you can get back that fresh-out-the-box performance by using relatively inexpensive tools for PC tune-up utility.

Some people are so bothered about the slowness of their computer that they end up buying a new computer itself, which can be quite expensive. PC tune up utility tools on the other hand provide a cost effective way to improve the performance of your PC.

What is System Tune-up Utility software?

These are automated tools which can perform multiple tasks to keep the system running at optimum speed. Tasks like defragmenting hard disk, cleaning registry, removing temporary internet files,etc.

Therefore it makes sense to invest in a tune-up utility tool.

One of the tried and tested tune up utility tools is Sysboost(Best PC Optimizer) by Unistal systems private limited.

How SysBoost module of Protegent360 Complete Security Antivirus increase your work efficiency?

Protegent 360 Complete Security Software is a blessing for most computer users. Protegent 360 Complete Security is an award winning complete software which comes with advanced features and provides robust protection against complex online threats.

Unistal systems pvt ltd., an organization known for proficiency in data security and data recovery, have specially designed a module known as Sysboost(Best PC Optimizer).

How to Speed up Windows?

SysBoost – The Best System Tune-Up Software for 2021

SysBoost(Best PC Optimizer) is a computer system tune-up software. It is advanced software that is used to manage, maintain and optimize the performance of your system. SysBoost wipes junk files or folders, optimizes internet settings, and cleans browser history, clears all temporary files and internet cookies.


  • Defrag drive: SysBoost Software defragments all drives which are fragmented. After defragmenting drives, the system usually runs smoothly and it also improves boot-up time.
  • Registry clean: It scans and finds all unwanted files, junk files and software errors in the registry. Thereafter, it cleans the registry to make computer system run faster.
  • Option of permanently deleting select files. In this step, user has to select the file first and then the selected files will be deleted permanently.
  • Option of deleting files with select extensions. Mention the file extensions which can be pdf, doc, ppt, xls, ppt and more and then this tool wipes the files with the selected extension.
  • Internet tuning tool. With the help of this option user can improve internet speed as well computer speed, as it wipes temporary internet files, cookies and clears internet history.
  • Registry Restore: If windows registry has been cleared by mistake, then the user can easily restore registry in its original format.

Benefits :

  • Fast and efficient cleaning or wiping of selected files or extensions.
  • Provides a user friendly animation showing an overview of the complete process.
  • SysBoost requires only a couple of minutes to do all the system tuning tasks.
  • This software not only boosts performance of the system but also permanently deletes selected files.


A slow computer is often caused by too many programs/apps running simultaneously, taking up processing power and thus reducing the PC’s performance. It’s important to regularly clean and tune your laptop so that as your computer ages, it doesn’t significantly slow down. Software such as Sys boost, which is one of the best system tuneup software- perform various actions to keep your computer running smoothly and thus improving your work efficiency.

Protegent 360 Complete Security Modules are following:-

  1. Protegent Total Security Antivirus (Most Advanced Cloud Protection)
  2. Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)
  3. Activity Reporter – One of the best Parental control software and employee monitoring tool for corporates
  4. Locate Laptop – Locate/Track your stolen laptop
  5. Crash Proof – A Deleted Data Recovery Software
  6. SysBoost – Enhance speed of your computer in just a click(Best System Tune-Up Software 2021)

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