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The Best Parental Control Software | Download Protegent 360 Complete Security

If you are a parent and worried about your kid’s online activity then you need to get the parental control software. These days’ internet has become one of the major resources when it comes to obtaining the information for every age or group all around the globe. It is known as finest sources of information which allows our children to enhance their knowledge level but then it also connects them with the aspects which they shouldn’t know before reaching to the specific age. And, it becomes the major concern for parents.

In case, if you are someone who haven’t noticed your child’s activity then you should start doing it now. Because, several dangers are there linked to young kids and teenagers when using the internet activity overly. When it comes to protecting your children from attackers then it becomes relevant you pay attention to download Protegent 360 complete security. The software plays an important role to monitor the internet use of your kid. It is also helpful for parents in monitoring and controlling all the activities that kids initiate only by giving varied functionalities such as filtering for websites, logging and monitoring etc. You can also set time limit for your kids on daily basis or by shutting down the internet use completely.

These days’ parents are raising the complete new generation that is tech-savvy. It has become common to see kids using tablets and teens texting each other for communication purpose. This doesn’t end here, even schools have integrated the use of computers and laptops as part of their course. Parents are allowing their kids to use cell phones because it helps them to stay connected with them but again this is not a good way to raise them. In these kind of situations, parents should know the relevance of getting the parental control software.

The software recommendation is given because parents are facing a huge challenge of allowing their kids to use internet services, giving them laptops or systems or giving them digital freedom. On the other hand, parents are also concerned if they won’t allow their children to use these activities then it will lead to affecting their efficiency of learning and developing. But, then again here they are becoming prone to online threats and content that probably being a children they wouldn’t be able to handle. That’s why you should download Protegent 360 complete security software integrated with parental control as one of the main features. This will enable you navigating the digital world of your kids and the activities around them.

Here is one thing you must teach your kids. As you keep telling them to lock the door if there is no one at home, similarly you have to teach them about the use of security system on the computers. It is important because this way your kids will be aware that there are activities which may take place online and may not go in favor of them.

Being a parent it is evident that all you want is best for your kid. You want to make sure that they always feel protected and secured. And, this reason is sufficient to get the best parental control software. With this software, you would be able to ensure shielding your kid from the online toxicity.

You can secure them from cyber-attackers who don’t even care about any boundary when attacking the victims. With an appropriate parental control software, you would be able to restrict the time of screen and the use of social media for children. This way you can also develop the habit of discipline among them and can also learn about life except gadgets.

Reasons you need to get best parental control software

If you are wondering that why should you download Protegent 360 complete security software as a parental control then find some of the reasons here:

Monitor your kid’s devices

Kids these days’ are busy learning things online and keep thinking that they are trying to be good citizen online. So, here comes your important role when you have to keep track of them by getting the best parental control software to track each activity they initiate online through their computer systems. The software allows you monitoring the device and checking their social media profiles they have. You can help them by initiating small steps without letting them know. You would be able to know that what kind of searches your kid is making online. Also, another important things is you should let your kid know that you are keeping a track of their online activity this way they will be more cautious.

Manage your kid’s search on search engines

Search engines like Google allows every user to make every kind of search nowadays. But, here is the problem. When there is an access to endless content then it can be inappropriate for kids according to their age and for their developmental stage. You need to download Protegent 360 complete security software as it will assist you in blocking the adult content and overt images, sites, and videos that are not appropriate depending on their age. Make sure that the system you are using is updated depending on the program for the objective of log-in under profiles that are customized. You should talk to your kids and should let them know about the content which is appropriate or inappropriate.

Establish good cyber habits in your kids

We don’t have to specifically elaborate how huge the cybercrime industry has become and cybercriminals always victimize on user’s bad cyber habits. A kid when using the online activities are always curious about learning new things and developing it in them. In this search of knowing more, they unintentionally engages themselves in the online behavior that is hazardous to them such as revealing a lot of information may be like their name or birth date. This leads to comprising their security and others as well. Therefore, to reduce the risk of poor growing cyber habit in your kid you should get the best parental control software. You can monitor if they are not sharing information on social sites or with an unknown person online. If found any suspicious activity, you can immediately restrict it.

Set screen time

We all know that how addictive screen time can be. Even adults cannot stop spending hours or sticking themselves with a devices. We all are getting detached from our physical environment just because of screen time addiction. But, then it has been evaluated that kids may find it more difficult time to break free from their preferred game or online activity. You must be aware the huge amount of screen time use can lead to bad posture, bad eyesight, inappropriate sleep and a lot of health issues.

Hence, being a parent it is your accountability to limit the screen time and change their lifestyle. And, to initiate this step you need to download Protegent 360 complete security software. This software enables you to set boundaries by setting the time limit for your kid. You can designate time for kid’s screen time accordingly.

Defend online reputation

These days’ it is seen that kids are flooding the internet with their social media posts, pictures, videos and what not. A lot of these innocent posts are ignored. But, the world is filled with some mischievous and disobedient people as well who may not only notice these posts but also may use them for their ill desires. So, keeping this in mind it becomes really essential for you to get the parental control software. This way you would be able to monitor what your kid is posting online and with whom it has been shared. You can manage the settings on your own to control who can view the posts. If you are unable to do this then making the account private is another way out. In a nutshell, software like parental controls have become a boon for parents as they can save their kid’s from any suspicious activity that goes online.

Help you with data backup

Most of the times, nowadays kid’s uses the internet for finishing their homework or school projects. So, it is vital that the data is backed up in a secured place. You must make your kid understand about the importance of securing and protecting data in the safest place. You should download Protegent 360 complete security software as this is not only a tool for parental control but also assists you with backing up the data and ensures that it is in a protected location. It also obliges you in data backup in case your laptop is stolen, or lost or not working naturally. In that case, you can back up your data with the help of software.

Teaches cyber etiquette

If you want to develop cyber etiquettes in your kid then ensure getting the best parental control software. You must tell them about this software and why do you use it. It will help your children understand the significance of cyber security, bullying and other online activities that they should be aware of. You can share the information about it but don’t let them use it as you don’t know what the thought process of your kid is. This way you would be able to develop the better cyber habits in your kid.

Customized software

You must download 360 Protegent complete security software as it is customizable. You can block the content, track the whereabouts of your kid and settle screen time as discussed earlier as well. The customizable functionalities in the software makes sure that it works as you want them to be and this is one of the reasons you should use it. Most of the software’s in the market don’t offer you this sort of upside.

What you need to do before using the best parental control software?

This question again plays an important role when you plan to get the best parental control software. You cannot go without understanding the functionality and other aspects of software as it might lead to putting you and your kid both in danger. So, here are things which you should keep in mind before working with the software:

Familiarizing yourself with technology and internet

It is relevant for you to comprehend the sites and tools that are famous among the kids of all ages and then analyze the risk of going online. When you think to download Protegent 360 security software for kid’s safety, it becomes vital that you know the main functionality as without this you can pose the threat for your security. You should also begin familiarizing yourself with the social platforms that are there and which are raising the today’s generation. This will assist you a lot in ensuring that your kid is safe and secured.

Introduce technology and online protection to your kid

Parents these days are very cautious when it comes to introducing the online activities and technology to their kid’s. But, being a parent you should know that if you won’t teach then they will try themselves and which may cause risks to security. When you intend to get the best parental control software, you should make your kids aware about the online safety. Guide them about the cyber-attacks and let them know what IT security means. Also, tell them how software can be useful in mitigating the security threats that can be there on the system. It would assist you to let your kid be away from the laptops or computer systems.

Social media and privacy

You must be aware that social platforms and privacy these days are the most challenging areas to manage. When young people like us cannot handle the social media and privacy then how kids will do. This calls for having a conversation with the. Getting the best parental control software will help you surely but you need to play your part as well. If they would understand about the privacy aspects then it will be easier for you to work with the software and your kid’s will also develop good cyber habits.

Final say

If you are striving to protect your kid from online and internet security threat then you need to download Protegent 360 security software. The software has been integrated with best control features for parents that allows them filtering out websites. They can manage the search of their kid’s online with just keywords. With this software you can easily block the content which you don’t want your kid to see or you don’t want them to access.

The best parental control software is integrated with the blacklisting feature and whitelisting the sites. The activity reporter module is useful for the parents in tracking every action of their kids. It offers you the information that is real-time. You can gain the information associated to kid’s online presence and will notify you if there is any suspicious activity. You would be able to manage the activity logs of sites that are visited without letting your kid know about it. All in all, the software obliges you to ensure the protection and safety of your kid’s when they are online or using the internet through laptops or system.

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