Things to Remember – After/Before Antivirus is Installed

There are many things which need to be remembered after/before you install any antivirus software in your computer system. Antivirus is data security software which provides extreme protection against viruses, spywares, malwares and other unknown threats.

Antivirus software is essential for every PC which provides protection from unknown security threats which might be approaching your computer system from external ports, pen drives, CD/DVD and through internet which is the major source of viruses in computers.

Users need to remember certain things before installing any antivirus software in your computer:

  1. Before installing any antivirus software, user should make sure that there should not be any preinstalled data security product in the computer. If so, then user should first uninstall that particular software which all its files saved in system. There is a reason behind doing this. If you don’t remove the antivirus installed in your system before installing the new antivirus then both the antivirus will detect files of each other as viruses. So, it’s always necessary to uninstall preinstalled antivirus software before installing the new one.
  2. System requirements of the antivirus software should be verified before installing the same in your computer. Antivirus software might not work efficiently if computer system doesn’t satisfy the hardware requirements of antivirus.
  3. User should choose the antivirus version namely Antivirus Software, Internet Security & Total Security Antivirus depending upon the need of the user. Antivirus software provides protection from spyware, malware and other unknown threats. Internet Security provides protection from advance viruses, spywares and other unknown internet threats. Whereas Total Security provides extremely advanced protection against online threats.

Users need to remember certain things after installing any antivirus software in your computer:

  1. After the user successfully installs antivirus software in computer system, the first thing which should be done is to restart the system which will start all the services of the antivirus software installed in the system.
  2. After restarting the system, the user should secondly update the antivirus software by going to the update section & click on Update Now. This will update the virus definitions in the database which will help antivirus to scan the latest trends of unknown threats in an efficient and effective manner.
  3. After updating the antivirus, the next thing is to check for upgrades for the antivirus software installed in the computer system. By upgrading the software, much new functionality are added to the software which might not be present at the time of installation.
  4. After all this it is recommended to have a full system scan before proceeding to any other tasks.

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