Thinking Beyond Antivirus Software for Network Security

Are you sure your organization’s network offers you safe computing and browsing environment? Do you think your PC is secured from advanced intrusions and unauthorized penetrations? Well, if your answer is yes, then think again. Probably you are being too optimistic about your computer security vendor. Do you know, now-a-days cyber criminals are using a variety of intrusion methods to get control of vulnerable systems? They are fast advancing in their ways of attacking and spreading cyber crime. You never know, your system might be the next target making you lose your prized personal or professional data. You could be at the receiving end of their criminal acts and malicious intentions.

network security

It is needless to mention that your traditional Antivirus and Firewall Software, now, might be incompetent to counter such advanced intrusion mechanisms. Moreover, an ideal network security application should be able to address diverse threat scenarios seamlessly. An organization’s information security system should be a step ahead of the contemporary threats, so that it is able to protect users in the network from detrimental outcomes of malicious interventions. Mere antivirus is a passé, especially in an organizational set-up, now is the time to leap ahead and strive for a comprehensive security solution.

Protegent 360 ensures that you are able to secure your vital professional data and prevent it from all kinds of destruction or leaving the boundaries of your organization. It is a suite of advanced protection programs which collaborate to offer you comprehensive security.

Antivirus Software Module

This module combines the features of Antivirus Software and anti spyware software to keep your computer clean of unwanted programs and infections. The VB-100 certified application is meant to secure the endpoints in your company from advanced Trojans, Rootkits, spyware and malware.

Internet Security Software Module        

Equipped with two-way firewall, this module serves as a remarkable application to avoid all kinds of attacks threatening to come by way of internet. It is designed to forewarn you, during a browsing session, against phishing attempts and websites supporting such programs. It also acts to secure your chats and keep the conversations private.

System Monitoring Software Module

This module serves to track and report all the activities of a computer user on his/her system, and enables the monitoring party to notice all suspected acts in a network. This allows them to prevent the individual users from engaging in any activity which might be harmful to a company.

Data Theft Prevention Module

This program locks different leakage points on a computer to prevent all kinds of unauthorized attempts being made on it. The scheduled locking feature makes it a versatile application.

Laptop Tracking Software Module

It enables an employer to keep an eye on all the movements of their employees by monitoring their laptops. Its data encryption feature prevents data theft even if the laptop is stolen.

Data Loss Prevention Module

This module functions to recover deleted data from even formatted partitions. It also repairs corrupted or deleted partitions on a disk by way of its unique revival mechanism.

Now, think again! Are you really satisfied with your existing antivirus software? Is it equipped to handle all the untoward circumstances? You will not be able to get such comprehensive protection for your computer resources without compromising system’s performance and speed.