Top Antivirus 2020

  • Top Antivirus ensures the all-round protection for your laptop or computer system
  • It comes with many bundled additional security features and provide 360 degree protection

When we think of security for our laptop or computer system, we always think of full proof all-round protection and this can be achieved by having top antivirus software. Top antivirus software comes with many extra features than traditional antivirus software. If you want to secure your laptop or computer system as a whole, then the protection should be complete. The most critical element for this protection is definitely an antivirus solution in a bundled package of top antivirus software.

What to look for in Top Antivirus 2020?

As mentioned above a top antivirus software should provide 360-degree protection for your laptop or computer system. There are many antiviruses available which offer additional benefits to the user depending on their requirements but we will recommend having top antivirus software which provides maximum feature for your windows operating system. Some of the common features which are must in top antivirus are,

Antivirus protection:

Antivirus is the first thing that you should install in your computer system or laptop after the purchase. A top antivirus comes with protection from virus, malware, ransomware, phishing, Trojan horses and many other threats. With the threat landscape increasing, the top antivirus software must provide security at real-time and detects all the old and new threats.

Now, most of the top antiviruses have opted for cloud protection technology to provide real-time security for your windows operating system. This advanced technology is very low on system resources and gives the user the freedom to work freely without impacting the performance of the computer system. Anti-phishing will keep the user secure from unwanted phishing attempts to steal personal and confidential information from the user. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and they regularly create new ways to make people fall in their trap and become a victim of a phishing scam. The top antivirus with the anti-phishing feature can thwart these phishing attempts and provide a safe computing experience to the user.

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Active Parental Control:

The top antivirus should have an effective parental tool to keep the family away from becoming a victim of cybercrime. Kids are very vulnerable to fall for hacker’s tactics and it is very important to provide them a safe cyberspace. Top antivirus will have special features of parental control to protect children from exposing to the content which they do not want their children to see. This includes various websites and applications. Some top antivirus also provides the feature of activity monitoring to get the details of all the activity performed on the computer system. This enhances parental control and help in keeping an active eye on the children even when you are not near them. It is hard to make the children understand the negative side of the cyberspace, so the parents must ensure the safety of their children in the online space with a good parental control tool available with top antivirus software.

USB Protection:

Threats from removable devices is very evident. Removable devices or USBs mostly contains virus with them and as soon as they are injected in the system they infect the computer system. Top antivirus will make sure that all the removable devices or USBs are scanned as soon as they are inserted into the system. This will protect the system from the virus and other types of harmful malware that can enter your system through this route. One other way of protecting your computer system from the virus-infected USBs is to block all the USB ports.  For full protection of your computer system or laptop, the top antivirus must ensure to block not only USB ports but also printer, Bluetooth, CD/DVD, IEEE 1394 and network adaptors to protect the transfer of data.

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System Cleanup:

To boost the performance of your system the top antivirus software does have a system cleanup tool. This is to ensure that all the system cookies, temporary files and unwanted files do not take space in the computer system and clean them to make the system perform faster. We often forget to follow the best practices of using a computer system or laptop which eventually slows down the system after sometimes and its performance gets affected. By filtering out the unwanted files from the computer system that are taking unnecessary space top antivirus helps in increasing the productivity by boosting the performance of the system.

Laptop Tracking and Data Encryption:

To ensure the safety of your laptop and the protection of your valuable data, top antivirus software should have laptop tracking and data encryption tool.  This feature in top antivirus software is to prevent laptop theft and data protection.

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Data Protection:

One other feature which separates most of the antivirus present in the market the level of data protection they offer. Nobody can be sure about the system crash and system formats which usually leads to data loss. The top antivirus always has some or other method to protect your critical data in any case. Apart from that data encryption is also an effective method to protect your data in case of laptop theft.

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The top antivirus 2020 software usually bundled with additional tools and features besides the core antivirus security. They may include protection for the laptop like laptop tracking, protection for data with data encryption, data recovery and USB blocking feature to prevent data leaks. The addition can include cloud protection technology which provides enhanced real-time protection. When you look for top antivirus software your next security product must be something which provides many extra features without compromising the security of the computer system or laptop.

Protegent 360 complete security is among the top antivirus 2020 which provides 75% extra features for the products that are available in the market. Its additional modules include Protegent antivirus, Crash Proof, SysBoost, Locate Laptop, Activity Reporter and Port Locker. This makes it an all-rounder for your computer system or laptop. Also, Protegent antivirus is one of the only antivirus software which comes with data recovery option.


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