Want to Recover Accidental Lost Data

Want to Recover Accidental Data Lost ?

Want to Recover Accidental Lost Data

Data is the most essential component of every computer system. There might be some awkward situation in which essential data accidentally gets deleted due to some human error. The data which is deleted might lead to big financial loss to the organisation and individual as well. If the data gets deleted by an employee then, the employee might also lose its job.

There are might be various reasons for getting your essential data lost like accidentally pressing Shift+Delete button which lead to permanent data deletion, data deleted by virus intrusion from external disk or internet, data loss due to Windows corruption and so on. If your hard disk gets formatted or damaged, the entire data which is present on it gets lost or non-detectable.

The worth of data present in the system is only known to the person for whom it is important. Generally, the data is recovered through two means: using software component or using hardware components. Talking about the data recovery software, they are easy to use and any user can recover/restore lost data by following the step by step guided process. Unistal is in data recovery sector since 1994 and have served large population in India & abroad as well. We have developed user-friendly data recovery software which is divided into two major categories: Pre-Crash data recovery software and Post-Crash data recovery software.

Crash Proof is our advanced pre-crash data recovery software which remains installed in your computer system. In case of any accidental data deletion, the users follow self-guided steps to recover/restore lost data in an efficient way. In regard to post-crash recovery, Unistal has developed a complete range of data recovery software with brand name “Quick Recovery” which includes data recovery from Windows, Digital Media, Linux OS, Mac, Password Recovery, Pen drive/CD recovery, Email recovery and Server recovery.

Windows data recovery software recovers lost, deleted and corrupted data effectively and user friendly way. Digital media recovery software recovers accidentally deleted media files like audios, videos and images. Unistal also provides software which can recover data various operating systems like windows, Linux and Mac as well. Credentials seem to be very critical data every computer system. That’s why Unistal provides password recovery software to get back you passwords for Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MS Access, MS Outlook and Windows live.

Unistal provides recovery software to recover deleted data from external drives like pen drives, CDs and DVDs. Emails, contacts, drafts, etc are very essential data present in email clients like MS Outlook which can get deleted due to human intervention. For that Unistal is the perfect email recovery software to recover emails from Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Incredimail, Lotus Notes and MS Exchange. Not only this, we also provides recovery software to recover lost, deleted and formatted data from Servers like Novell Netware, Novell NSS, Raid 0, Raid 5 and Solaris.

We at Unistal provides data recovery services from damaged storage like Raid server, Windows server, NAS server, Linux server, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, CDs, and the list goes on.

As leaders in data recovery, we suggest people not to go for non-expertise centers of data recovery which might result in further damaged to the storage devices. We recommend people to approach data recovery experts for any queries.

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