Ways to Keep Your System Protected from Viruses

Viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, phishing & spam attacks, online cyber threats, etc are the most popular computer threats which are affecting systems around the world at a rapid rate. There are many ways through which you can protect your computer system from getting infected from any sought of unknown viruses or online threats.

The most commonly used measure for virus protection is Antivirus Software which is installed in the computer system. After the antivirus is installed in any computer system, it provides protection from all strains of viruses and other cyber threat to enter the system. It prompts a message to the user and asks for the recommended action which is usually deletion of the virus from system.

Apart from using Antivirus Software, there are many other ways through which users can minimize the chances of virus attack on their system and thus make your system data protection from all viruses.

Following is the list of way which should be adopted by every computer user for protection from viruses and malware:

  1. Update Your Antivirus

We do recommend that antivirus software should be regularly updated so that its virus definition database is up to date with the latest trends of viruses and other malware. If the Antivirus software is updated, then it would be able to detect latest viruses and remove the same from the computer system.

  1. Take Regular Backup of Your Data

As data is the most crucial and essential element of every computer system, we need to protect it from getting infected from viruses or other cyber threats. We recommend users should take regular backup of your data present in your computer so that in case any data is infected by virus, the same can be recovered from backup.

  1. Firewall Implementation

There is a certain need to put a bi-directional firewall in your computer system which will protect transfer of any infected data from or in system. It also puts a check in the incoming and outgoing email from the computer system and blocks any suspicious data.

  1. Install Pop-Up Blocker Extension

Pop-up blocker extensions should be installed in every browser which doesn’t allow the execution of any pop-ups which are the main reason of malware attack.

  1. Download from Trusted Websites

We recommend that user should download stuffs only from trusted websites. Downloading stuffs from spam websites might result in downloads of malware program along with the mail download which will make your data security at risk.

  1. Don’ t click on Unknown Emails

Now a day, spam emails are also one of the reasons of virus and malware attack. The most popular of them is Ransomware which gets into user’s computer and encrypt all the data present in it. The encrypted data can’t be readable to the computer user and prompts a message of paying a certain amount in Bit coins to get the decryption key.

  1. Use of Password

There are many applications installed in your computer system which might cause big financial loses but gets misused. We recommend that users should implement password protection on these applications so that if their computer gets infected by any malware infection, it could not execute the application on its own because of being password protection.

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