What are the Benefits of Data Encryption?

Data EncryptionSecurity technology is advancing with lightning fast pace. This trend is driven by enormous security challenges posed by information era on the modern organizations. Data Encryption is a similar step towards enhanced data security. Data and information are extremely important for any commercial organization, as data forms the mainstay of their business operations. Data security by way of encryption might be an option for some corporations, but it is enforced by law in certain government agencies, industrial sectors and countries.

Methodologies for data encryption may vary, but broadly the benefit obtained is that of information security. However, the positives of the same can be categorized as:

Better control

In today’s time, when visualization is an emerging trend in many corporations, encryption of organizational data gives more control to them over their data and information being used by third party business service providers. Their priceless data in transit will no more be at the mercy of these organizations, such as cloud providers.

Data safety irrespective of device safety

Portable devices find a great place in contemporary organizations. Due to which, the concern of device theft constantly hovers the corporate landscape. However, amidst this scenario, it is the issue of data security which bothers these organizations more than that of stolen devices. But, if data encryption is effectively implemented in these organizations, their data will be protected from prying eyes even if device is lost.

No data breach

A malicious insider or an outsider with similar intentions will not be able to cause any harm to the organization even if he/she is able to successfully achieve data theft. It is so, because the stolen data will be of no use to them if it is encrypted.

Customer confidence

An organization which genuinely follows security guidelines and adheres to regulatory compliance to carefully guard the client information will always be respected in their eyes. Moreover, the cost of implementing data encryption practices and other security measures is any day less than the cost of losing their customers’ confidence.

Data protection even if security gets compromised

Hackers are striving each day to devise newer methods for taking control over sensitive data of renowned organizations. However, encrypted data serves as the last line of defense in case all the other security measures fail. In such a scenario, no spyware will be successful to misuse encrypted data or information of organizations.