What is More Expensive, Your PC or Data?

imagesWhat is more expensive, PC or data? A debatable question though, but it calls for some deliberation. How would you weigh the importance of your data as opposed to that of your PC or laptop? It is not about selecting between the two, but even you would not disagree with me if I say that- your laptop or PC could be pricy but your data is definitely priceless. It is so, because the data once gone is gone forever, for it cannot be recreated in its original form. But, do we really value our critical data? Probably not. If you do not agree with me at this point, then think again. How safe is your data? Which data security measures do you take, or how frequently do you examine your security software and update it?

Being a home PC user, you must be thinking that your data can never fall into the wrong hands, while as an enterprise user of computer you might think that it is the job of IT personnel. But, nobody will take the responsibility of your data once it is gone. Also, who better than you can guard it? As far as a home user is concerned, your data is prone to threats the moment it is created. How would you explain data loss due to abrupt power failure or file deletion on account of human error? Moreover, a virus attack can pose significant threat to your data the moment you start working on the internet or insert a pen drive into your PC. All this can risk your important personal data and documents in the form of photographs, videos and recordings, as well as professional data or information, making you lose them forever. The cost of which is enormous as compared to the cost incurred in protecting them.

Preventive Data Protection to Lessen Costs

You have an array of deleted file recovery and data recovery software offered by renowned security vendors. But, can you be sure of 100% data recovery with them? Probably not. We all know, prevention is better than cure. Similarly, preventive data security tools are better than employing a data recovery application post crash, for data recovery is a tedious task if carried out by an inexpert. Moreover, these tools cost immensely and cannot guarantee satisfactory results. Therefore, it is always advised to go for preventive measures in safeguarding your vital data and information.

How About 100% Satisfaction with Guaranteed Data Recovery?  

Ever wondered you could perform deleted file recovery with utmost ease without external help? Your comprehensive security solution, Protegent 360, is the best way to counter permanent data loss scenarios without affecting the essence of your data. Quick method to repair corrupt partition and revive deleted folders in simple steps, Crash Proof is a preventive data security module of Protegent 360. If pre-installed on to a system, the deleted folder recovery solution ensures that you revive your data in its original form with minor investment. Ensure complete security and reverse all kinds of data loss scenarios with an expert data revival mechanism.