What is The Meaning of Asset Tagging?

Asset TaggingWork environment in modern organizations is highly dependent on computers and related devices. They form part and parcel of the corporate culture today. One not only uses computers to simplify work, but also to store and carry data. It, therefore, becomes increasingly important for organizations to secure their assets, such as computers and supporting devices. There are several factors which could be risky for an organization’s information health and pose threat to its safety. Asset tagging is an important concept in asset and resource management for IT enabled organizations.

Data and information theft, along with risks to physical assets of an organization, are plausible reasons for effective asset management. Asset Tagging is a related idea in the IT world which deals with tagging specific hardware and software resources, or assets, of a computer to monitor their usage, condition, and health. It is a method used by users of IT resources to know how their device is performing, so as to judge the status of its wear and tear. This can help them in taking remedial measures well in advance. A traditional concept in inventory management, Asset Tagging is a relatively new term for the computer world. Software utilities are being devised to tag different hardware and software assets for tracking them and knowing the status of their usage for better control.

As a PC user, don’t you think it would be good if you could check the efficiency of various hardware and software on your computer? How nice would that be if a software could give you the inside details about your hard disk, motherboard, memory, keyboard, printer, as well as other software assets on your PC. With this you can perform real time monitoring of the functioning of each and every resource on your PC, and detect the occurrence of any uncalled incidence well in advance. Asset Tagging software  generally monitor S.M.A.R.T. attributes of a particular hard disk and can enable you to get comprehensive details about its health. S.M.A.R.T. attributes are a set of factors which tell us the condition of a hard disk. This can help you to predict a disk crash or memory corruption well in advance. Therefore, you can easily plan a backup of your data or replace the damaged hard disk.