What is the Use of the Scan Dispatcher Feature?

Scan DispatcherAdvancement in technology is causing our security applications and computer protection programs to take a leap too. We all use an antivirus. What do you expect your security program to do for you? Should it offer superior protection, or take up the role of optimizing your system’s performance? We all are so busy in our lives that we do not want to take up the hassle of trying to figure out what is causing our PC to be slow or which kind of malware is trying to compromise its security. Therefore, we all are in a great need of a protection program which is intelligent enough to take vital decisions on its own.

Scan dispatcher is one of the important features available in few of the well known antivirus programs. It is the need of the hour and takes care of your system’s resources.

How is Scan Dispatcher Helpful?

Whenever you allow any program on your PC to run, it affects the CPU usage. Same is the case with a computer virus. The moment it enters your computer, it tries to bring about few changes in its original software framework. Due to which, the CPU usage increases. Now, if you use an antivirus program and allow a system scan to run, your PC’s performance will further get affected. This is where the role of a scan dispatcher comes into play.

An advanced antivirus with a scan dispatcher feature understands the status of your PC at a given time and takes security decisions accordingly. For example, if it is the time for your antivirus to perform a virus scan, but it detects that too many programs are running at that time then it will delay the scan to a later stage. This will optimize your computer’s performance, saving its resources from latest PC threats.

An ideal antivirus and PC security program must be equipped with an advanced scan dispatcher feature which is capable of enhancing your computer’s performance and saving it from umpteen risks prevalent in today’s time.