What Would You Choose - Paid Or Free Antivirus

What Would You Choose – Paid or Free Antivirus ?

What Would You Choose - Paid Or Free Antivirus

Today’s world is very different from medieval times, and user data is the most important thing one can think of. Data can be of anything! It could be the findings of an billion dollar research. It could be personal and secretive. It could be strategic and sensitive information, right from government’s archives. It could be the launch codes or blueprint of a nuclear bomb. There are countless possibilities, where data stolen or duplicated can be used for illegal, dangerous, malicious, and monetary purposes. In present times, there have been instances where leaked data brought entire economies down. Illicitly acquired data has led to clash between nations. Such is its importance. So, it must be guarded using appropriate means.

In most of the cases, it is not the technical ignorance of the user, but a well-planned “virus” attack, which opens the access gateways to the magnetic vaults of data. These innocent looking, small sized viruses are meticulously engineered to manipulate any loophole in the firewall and security layers of the system. Many times, they take user permissions in very creative ways, by setting baits for the user. Some viruses even facilitate their creators (aka Hackers) by providing remote-access to them. With so many ways to plunder user data, it is imperative that someone should research and device ways to stop this from happening. This seeded the idea to create a system for preventing and tackling such thefts, and thus, Antivirus Software systems came into existence.

Anti-virus systems initially had one sole purpose – to stop virus attacks. With time and research being poured into these systems, this software has become more like a security advisor to the user. Anti-virus systems scan the drives periodically and check for any aberrations. They also scan and analyze any external storage device, which is connected to the system. They authorize various processes and tasks carried out by other applications, and closely observe our internet activity. These antiviruses have been with us for more than a decade now, and are getting better day-by-day, thanks to the hardworking developers.

These antiviruses come for a nominal price, and still, any people demand them to be free and available to all. What we need to understand is that just like any skill, product, commodity, and service – antivirus systems needs regular improvement. The programmers, developers, testers, R&D personnel, and the entire development team require constant funding to advance with software development process. No security system in this world comes for free – be it army, burglar alarm systems, locks, guards, or even police. In this world, where the data is now becoming the most valuable asset, more capital needs to be invested in Antivirus software development programs to make our digital world more swift and safe.

Moreover, antivirus software can be downloaded free from various websites including torrent but as we say that nothing comes free in this modern era of technology, these free available antivirus comes with add-on adware which automatically gets installed in computer system without the user knowing about it. Further free antivirus generally doesn’t come with full functionalities of virus protection which results partial protection from unknown threats. Free antivirus will not be able to provide robust protection against viruses, spyware and other online cyber threats. These antiviruses also has a limitation that they are demo versions of the paid antivirus which works of 30 to 60 days and then asks user to purchase the antivirus to continue the virus protection for their computer system.

As the viruses are getting updated each passing second, we should have an extremely advanced antivirus which will be able to protection against any sought of viruses. This can only be possible if the users around the world start opting for paid antivirus instead of the free antivirus available on various torrent websites.

It is always a smart work to act in advance which makes worst to never occur. Same goes with the decision between Paid or Free antivirus. The final decision is YOURS. You can easily buy antivirus online from various antivirus developers.

That’s it is today’s discussion about “PAID Vs FREE Antivirus”.

The fact and information furnished above are correct as per our research. We would definitely like fellow reader to give their valuable comments and suggestions on the same. We do believe that the information shared by us today will definitely be very helpful for the users to decide whether they should go for free or paid antivirus software.

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