Which is the Promising Anti-Virus of the Decade

Many of the customers have always been explaining the fact that they have experienced the vast devastation of their data files and also their OS in turn which lead to loss to their business or even their profession. Therefore, in those cases the apt solution they think and all the research analyst prescribes is the use of stringent Anti-Virus.antivirus-software

Anti-Virus will certainly combat the effect of viruses, Trojan Horses, Malware, Phishing, Spyware and Spam etc. These are those malicious elements that are designed only to give negative impact on the data files stored with the matter of just the destruction of other’s assets or with the intention of personal harm also.


Therefore, buy one apt Anti-Virus to provide your system and its application with essential and resilient security mechanism. Sometimes your file become inaccessible, file is hidden, folders is no where found, sometimes your files are spread through the entire web without your knowledge, your presentation is used by someone else without your referral or even some of your files are empty and not showing the content at all. Anti-Virus need to fight with these above defined ailments and altogether for this sake, an Antivirus Software  should also posses the following properties:

1. Perfect adaptability with the environment it is being installed over.

2. Should also be adorned with Anti-Trojan characteristics

3. Complete protection against Spam, Phishing etc

  •  Spam is unwanted bulk email which is intentionally sent into your mailbox to either devastate your inbox volume or to send some malicious infection in the form of Email.
  •  Spyware generally keep track of your Internet activity
  •  Phishing is the practice which involves data if it is connected with Internet may tend to loose some of the data files. As your actual destination where you want to transfer data files may have been hacked by others.

4. USB Blocking – Pen Drive blocking involves not allowing particular Pen Drive to be detected through the USB port. As it may be suspected to contain malicious data. Therefore, it is very much needed to detach from it.

5. Crash Proof – In addition to the enormous elements and advantages, Anti-Virus nowadays are available with one dynamic additional functionality of CRASH PROOF, where whenever the data is lost, it will be recovered certainly. Therefore, data needs to be replicated and kept as backup, So crash proof maintains a copy of data in image form on the Hard     disk drive. This disk image then can be used as and whenever required.

Protegent Anti-Virus- A Boon

Protegent Anti-Virus is one such name in the field of Safety and security of data files and information that will always reveal the trust of each and every individual. This package is very cost effective as well as can be used for free but would require payment, when it requires updates.