Why Antivirus is Not Enough- We Need Total Security?

Antivirus is the most common term which is used in connection with computer, internet or web security. Antivirus software is recommended for every computer system for protection against any sought of viruses, spyware, Trojans, root kits or other unknown threats.

But now the antivirus not seems to be enough to cope up with the increased number viruses and its forms. That’s why Total Security Antivirus is the new buzzword for data security which is advanced software beyond malware protection and provides extreme security against spyware, spam, phishing attacks and other online cyber threats.

Total Security have such advanced features compared to antivirus which allows advanced protection from all sought of advanced online cyber threats, phishing or spam attack on your computer system.

Unistal had already forecasted the need for some advanced antivirus software. That’s why experts’ professionals at Unistal had developed Protegent Total Security Antivirus which is advanced security software which goes beyond malware protection and provides extremely advanced protection against spyware, phishing attacks, spam & other internet threats. It is also capable of detecting and preventing any suspicious web activity/content. With the help of bi-directional firewall, this software put a security check on all inbound and outbound data over the web.

Total Security software is very useful for computer system on which users have most have their work on online mode like online payment, credit card payment, online shopping or any other online work. Total Security software is developed using advanced features which provide secured online surfing along with protection from phishing or spam attack which may result in stealing or deletion of the confidential data present in the computer system.

Protegent Total Security Solution doesn’t only provide protection from antivirus or malware and goes beyond protection against viruses, spywares, rootkits. It provides extremely advanced protection from viruses, phishing attacks, spam, and other unknown cyber threats and blocks any potentially fatal programs which might affect your PC, online transaction and other files. Protegent Total Security is the perfect internet security utility for safe browsing.

Protegent not only provides extremely advanced virus protection but also has inbuilt proactive data recovery software which allows recovery from lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data in an efficient and effective way.

Protegent Total Security Solution comes with inbuilt data loss prevention module: Crash Proof which is advanced designed software to protect user’s data that has been accidentally lost, deleted, corrupted or is inaccessible to the user for any reason. Crash Proof is designed for provide 100% assurance to recover large data files and restoring fragmented files post system formatting. It saves the image of the file indexes or disk properties and keeps them updated regularly & stored in a protected area. This stored information stored is later used to recover/restore any lost or deleted files and also can unformat the lost disk as well. Crash Proof is proactive data recovery software which can also recover lost data from any logical crash and helps to revive the disk back to normal use.

That’s it for today’s discussion about Total Security.

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We do recommend use of Protegent Total Security Solution which will protect your computer system from advanced online threats and also recovers lost, deleted and formatted data in case of accidental deletion.

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