World’s Only Antivirus Software with Data Recovery Software

World’s Only Antivirus Software with Data Recovery Software

World’s Only Antivirus Software with Data Recovery Software

Antivirus software is an essential utility for every computer system which access application and internet. Antivirus software provides extremely advanced protection from viruses, spywares, malware, Trojans, worms and other internet threats. Data recovery software is another utility which is used to recover/restore lost, deleted, formatted and corrupted data from computer system.

Unistal continuously try to develop things differently which no one has tried ever. In this continuation, Unistal had development Protegent antivirus software which is not just provide protection from viruses and other internet threats but also recovers/restores lost, deleted and formatted data which is accidentally deleted from computer system.

Think about Protegent antivirus which has inbuilt data recovery software which works in collaboration which antivirus software. This advanced Protegent antivirus software is a result of years of dedication and hard work put in my experience professionals of Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. Experience professional have especially designed Protegent antivirus in such a way that user doesn’t feel if it is actually operational in background and doesn’t suffer on the system performance.

Unistal is proud that its data security product: Protegent is “World’s only antivirus with data recovery software”. Protegent data security range includes Protegent Antivirus, Protegent Total Security and Protegent Complete Security.

1.      Protegent Antivirus

Protegent Antivirus is a data security solution which works on a two tier protection removes viruses, malwares and protect you computer from latest unknown worms, Trojans & other internet threats. It comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery software “Crash Proof” which is a pre crash data recovery software helps in recovering lost, deleted and formatted data from your computer.

2.      Protegent Total Security

Protegent Total Security has been designed to extend beyond malware protection and provides extremely advanced security against threats to your computer. This software is known for its extreme protection against malware, phishing attacks and spam along with other built in features like Parental Control, bi-directional firewall and spam filtering to protect from cyber threats. It has inbuilt data recovery software which helps to recover accidentally deleted data in an efficient and effective way.

3.      Protegent Complete Security

Protegent Complete Security has been developed to provide extremely advanced protection from latest strains of virus threats. It protect you confidential data from getting infected from virus attack and is perfect to be used at home and business. There are 5 additional inbuilt utilities like Crash Proof, Port Locker, Activity Reporter, Locate Laptop and SysBoost. Crash Proof is proactive data recovery software to recover deleted data from computer in an effective and efficient way. Port Locker is data leakage prevention software which prevents data theft of confidential from various external ports like external drive port, CD/DVD drive, printer and internet port. Activity Reporter is computer activity and monitoring software which keeps track of all activities including application and internet activity and send a report to a particular email. Locate laptop is a laptop tracking software which provides features like pin point location tracking and remote data encryption which is useful in case of laptop theft. SysBoost is a system tune up software which wipes out system registries, temporary internet files, browser history.

That all for our today’s edition of Protegent which is World’s only antivirus with data recovery software.

Coming back to the user of antivirus, we strongly recommend use of antivirus software to keep your system protected from unknown threats.

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