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The word "Protegent" is derived from a French word "Protégee", which means "To Protect".



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To solve the issue of every individual, small & midsized business, Protegent has come up with the perfect solution: Protegent Antivirus Solution. Keeping your computer system safe from viruses and other online threats is always been challenging for every computer user. Protegent is world’s only antivirus which comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery software and secures your computer’s data from accidental permanent deletion. Protegent Antivirus Solution provides robust protection against unknown viruses, malware, Trojans and other worms.

It comes with two advanced modules:

  • Protegent Antivirus
  • Crash Proof


Protegent Antivirus provides is advanced security software which provides assured protection to your computer, laptops, etc. It is developed with two-tier architecture which doesn’t only secure your computer from latest strains of viruses, malware, Trojans but also allows users to have a risk free web browsing. This antivirus product also featured anti-theft mechanism which safeguards your personal data from unauthorized access using active antivirus protection.


Crash Proof is an advanced proactive data recovery module which comes inbuilt with Protegent Antivirus. This module gives 100% assurance of in recovering large deleted files and even restores fragmented files after system getting formatted. Crash Proof is a data loss prevention utility which takes an image of the data index and safeguards your essential data from permanent deletion. Supports various file systems including FAT 16, FAT 32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS5. It also reduces system downtime and its subsequent downtime cost.


Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1 , Windows 7, Vista(Service Pack 1), Windows XP(Service Pack 3)

Minimum Requirement

  • CPU : 450 MHZ, RAM: 512 MB, HDD: 100 MB



Antivirus and Antispyware-
It provides protection from all kind of viruses, Trojans, Spywares and Malwares, thereby keeping your system virus free.

Blocks all web pages which are supporting virus scams and personal data phishing attempts.

Active Virus Control-
Continuously monitors the applications running on your computer.  It also looks for any kind of malwares and other
Unethical objects.

Web Control-
Web control feature offers real time protection against online risks and blocks Internet clutter. In general, it is used to block social networking sites, music, video and non corporate mails during business hours.

Setting Protection-
Unauthorized access to the settings of your software can be prevented with the help of this feature. If you share your system with others and do not want them to modify the settings of software, you can secure it by setting up a password.

One Click Removable Device Scan-
Protegent detects removable device attached to your system. When you access a file on a removable device, Protegent runs an on-access scan in exactly the same way as it does for other files. Now you can use Protegent Antivirus against virus, Trojan, Spyware, worm and other forms of computer threats.

Hourly update- Protegent Antivirus
Module takes updates every hour in order to protect your system from prevailing viruses.

Smart Code Emulations-
Protegent strength lies in proactive detection of known and unknown threats by means of complex definitions of malicious behavior by using Smart Code Emulation signatures & neural networks. A single signature can detect and block thousands of known and unknown threats before they emerge. There entire process is done without any impact on your system resource.

Anti-Ads Protection-
With Protegent anti-ads protection, most of the Ads are blocked and removed before data is downloaded to your computer. This helps to increase faster uploading & downloading and thereby saving your bandwidth.

USB Threat Protection-
Protegent malware team has implemented Neural Smart Scan which protects system from unknown USB threats. When a USB is infected with malware, it usually creates short cuts and hides the data inside it. Protegent has adapted to a different and advanced approach to clean such infected USB drives.

Zero day Malicious URL Protection-
Malicious URL Protection provides another layer of protection against command and control, botnet’s and suspicious links. If any malicious URL communication is detected, the communication is aborted and a warning block message “blocked” is displayed to the user.

Speed Up Your PC-
Forget system slowdown situations with bloat ware products. With Protegent™ Speed always Thrills! We build what you always need, very light on your system resources and you don't even notice it's running in the background & protecting you.

Low Foot Prints-
Newly created signatures are packed together and regularly released to our users in the form of a Threat Signature Foot Print DB Update. These updates are rolled out on an hourly basis, 24-7-365 days which keep Protegent up-to-date.

Protection against Adware/PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs)-
Protegent take down all Adware/PUP’s which overloads your pc and compromise your privacy. Protegent Threat Research team is continuously tracks growing numbers of Adware/PUP’s. There are several types of signature definitions to detect the outnumbered Adware/PUP’s which uses our built in technology of Smart Code Emulations and other sources like sample exchange or active honey pots.

Active Optimization-
Maximize operating performance & initiates high speed of analysis and spontaneous response to the attackers.


Deleted file/ folder recovery

Besides protecting your system from viruses and spyware, Protegent helps recover deleted files and folder if they are deleted from your PC, even if they are not present in Recycle Bin.


Unformat formatted drives

The module can even unformat whole drive. With the help of this feature, user can revive the file system from its replica which is stored in some other location of the hard disk.

Repair Corrupted / Deleted Partition

When it comes to properly store and organize data, partitions are something which works really great. They not only help increase system performance but also recover data in case of a major system crash. Partition recoveries by Protegent help you access your lost data.


Revive in case of FAT/MFT Corruption

Protegent comes with a feature that builds back your FAT/MFT system. It supports 100% recovery in case the file system gets corrupted.

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