360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

The use of computers has increased to high level year by year around the world. Symantenously, the computer users are increasing at a rapid rate globally. Computers are majorly used to access internet, building software, watching movies, playing games, information gathering, chatting and the list goes on. Viruses, spywares and other internet threats have also found their new ways to enter computer and infect it. For complete protection of your computer system from unknown threats, there is always need for 360 antivirus security software.

Protection from viruses is very essential in every PC as there are numerous ways through which these unknown threats get into computers and starts infecting the data present in it. Not only this, these viruses also leaks out confidential information such as credit card information, passwords, emails, etc which can lead to huge financial loses.

Viruses can attack your computer system through external drives (like pen drive, hard disk, CD/DVDs), surfing over internet and through freeware downloaded from non-trusted websites.

To provide 360 degree protection from viruses and other unknown threats, we have come up with Protegent 360 antivirus security software which provides 70% more features as compared to other products of same category.

Unistal is proud on Protegent 360 antivirus which is awarded by Cyber Crime for the best security product. It comes with extremely advanced security features which offer absolute protection against advanced virus threats. Protegent 360 comes with 5 inbuilt modules as follows

Crash Proof – Proactive Data Recovery

Crash Proof is proactive data recovery software which is one of the modules present in Protegent complete security. The users can use Crash Proof to recover/restore accidentally lost and deleted data in an efficient and user-friendly way. Protegent is world’s only antivirus software which comes with inbuilt data recovery software as well. Crash Proof is very useful software which as people accidentally deletes some files using CTL+Delete.

Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention

Port Locker is a data leakage prevention tool which prevents any kind of data theft from your computer system. The data which is kept on your computer system is always very confidential which might includes passwords, emails, data files, etc. Port Locker comes inbuilt with Protegent complete security which protects your business and data from unauthorized access and theft.

Activity Reporter – Activity Monitoring  & Reporting

Activity Reporter works as system, applications & internet monitoring and reporting tool which can be used at home and office as well. At home, Activity Reporter becomes the perfect Parental Control tool which allows parents to put a check on their children’s internet activity. At Office, employer can monitor their employee’s activities and increase their efficiency by 30%.

Locate Laptop – Laptop Tracking

Locate Laptop is a tracking tool especially developed to know the location of the laptop on which the software is installed. This tracking tool is very important to know the location of your employee as well which has been allotted that laptop. Locate laptop also provides the feature of data encryption which encrypts the data present in the laptop when it is not connected to internet for a specified period of time.

SysBoost – System Tune-up Utility

SysBoost is system tune-up utility software which improves and optimize the performance of your computer system by putting a regular scan on junk files, internet files, registries and by defragmentation.

We do believe that Protegent 360 is a complete package which not only provides 360 degree protection to your computer system from viruses, spyware and other unknown threats. We would recommend the use of this complete security software for all round protection.

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We hope that readers would get benefited from the above discussion and we promise that we will be come back with some more in context on Antivirus Software. Till then keep Protegent in your system for secure computer.