A Paid Protection – A Better Protection?

Had spent thousands on the purchase of your PC, but never gave a thought of spending just a little more on a promising anti-virus and making your entire investment worthwhile?
Think Again???

Have been using your brand new computer and it works awesome and absolutely hassle free. No doubt no thoughts yet arrived towards its service or the threats your computer can get involved in without a good anti-virus.
Guys be it a new or an old computer your lovely PC always requires protection from the outside world – the world of INTERNET!
Give a thought on those beautiful memorable pictures, those funny videos of your child if you don’t have a back up. The hard disk of your internet does not have much life and with the involvement of those downloads that you make and the surfing you do over the internet the dangers to its life have only increased.

A good anti-virus as we are already aware not only provides protection, which your machine requires, but it also has components, which keep it healthy or in that place ensure its longevity. So it would not be incorrect to say that an investment for an year is equivalent to curtailing those other expenditures, which you might have to incur due to software or hardware failures of your computer.

A complete anti-virus not only protects your PC from dangerous malware, but it also identifies those parts, which are infected and removes them. Protogent Antivirus software offers a complete solution for your PC. Its modules like “Crash Proof” have extended Protegent’s hands from prevention; protection and cure to even BACK UP!
Like other free antivirus software Protegent also offers a “30 day trial period” which can be downloaded from the website itself. With the inclusion of “Port Locker” and “Activity Reporting and Monitoring” amongst its variants it is almost a revolution in the antivirus software industry.

Protegent’s assorted ranges of the antivirus software are almost encyclopedic offering the exact solution you can cater to at every level!