Are You Sure Your Protected Information is Not Leaving your PC?

Data leakage is an inevitable reality and a prominent fact in today’s time. In the present era of information explosion and portable storage, this trend is rampant. In fact, you could become a victim of data leakage right at this very moment without being aware of leakage Moreover, the ever evolving advanced data leakage methodologies make your most trusted data security measures redundant. Further, turning a blind eye to all the warning signals would worsen the situation. However, knowledge is the best rescue from a potentially devastating data leakage attack. Let us understand how your most protected data and information are at risk.

Ways Through Which Your Data Could Leave Your PC

The enormity of data and ease of its storage makes it susceptible to theft. Could anyone imagine storing data as large as a shelf full of accounting files in a 4 GB pendrive, a couple of decades ago? Of course not. But now, you can carry employee information of a big organization in your pocket with great ease. This is what makes data leakage extremely easy today. Some common methods of data leakage used today are:

  • Internal Leakage among Coworkers: Employees mistakenly happen to share most protected data with coworkers in other teams, over chats or instant messaging allowed by organizations.
  • Through Emails: A home user or an employee could be responsible in erringly attaching unintended files with Emails.
  • Risky Websites: Certain web pages could be compromised or intentionally infected with a malware, which if visited by someone would load a malicious program, like keylogger, on one’s PC. Such programs have the potential to leak out sensitive user information to an outsider.
  • Through open ports: Your sensitive personal and professional data could also go in wrong hands through portable storage media used by malicious intruders. These could be insiders in an organization or a trusted person in case of a home user.
  • Physical Theft: As stated earlier, the use of portable devices at home and in offices increase the risk of data theft to a great extent. Physical theft of your storage media, hard drive or laptop and tablet computers could also risk the safety of your data.      

To sum up, data leakage could be broadly categorized as intentional and unintentional. An intentional data leakage may occur if an individual with malicious intentions deliberately tries to access your stored data or information either directly or from a remote location. However, an unintentional data leakage occurs by your own ignorance.

Comprehensive Security for Data Leakage Prevention  

It is rightly said that every problem has a solution, we simply need to search for it. Therefore, if technology brings with it security threats, it also offers amazing solutions to avoid them. Port Locker  software tools serve as the best solutions to curb data threats. Protegent 360 is an absolute security tool which offers comprehensive security against varied data loss scenarios. It is equipped with data leakage prevention module which can successfully block USB port to prevent data theft, and email filtering software module which is capable of evading the same through emails. You may also block the print screen option to curb all possible means of data theft. Where would you find a single software to offer you multi-pronged protection from data theft, permanent data loss, viruses and physical theft of your device?