Imagine Computers without Antivirus Protection


Use of computers is increasing at a rapid rate with the increased use of internet. There might be very less chances where you will not find use of internet in computer system. Computers are used to store important information, execute applications and accessing internet for uploading and downloading. There might be certain that your computer might be affected by some unknown virus threats when no antivirus software is installed in it.

Files and folders present in the computers is created in the system, copied into the system or downloaded from internet.  There might be no chance of any sought of virus attack if computers are not connected to internet which can’t be possible in this technology driven world. If the user copies some data from external ports like pen drive, external drive and CD/DVDs, there is a certain chance that system can be infected from some unknown threats present in these external storage devices. If antivirus software is already installed in the computer, then it will block all the viruses present in the external drives to get into the computer system making it safe for use.

Users are accessing internet from their computer system for surfing, downloading and uploading. There might be chances of internet threats like malwares, worms, Trojans, etc which gets downloaded on to your computer system and starts infecting other data files as well. These internet threats can also hide, delete or infect essential data present on the computers. Some malwares are programmed in such a way that they start sending the data present in the computer to hackers through internet access. To prevent any sought of internet threat, user needs to install good antivirus software which can provide extremely advanced protection against internet threats, worms, Trojans, etc.

You can’t imagine using a computer system without knowing that any data security product (Antivirus Software) is installed in it or not? No user would want to compromise on credential he/she is going to enter without been confident enough that the computers they are going to use have some virus protection software.

User’s might get redirected to some malicious website while surfing over the internet and can accidentally download malware content into computer. Malware are computer programs which are especially built to steal confidential information like credit card details, bank details, passwords, etc and sends it to a remote receiver through internet which could result in big financial loss for individual and organization as well. To protect computer from any sought of malware attack, there should be a 360 antivirus security installed in it which provides advanced protection from any sought of internet threat to get into system and block the websites which looks suspicious by popping up warning message “This Website has been blocked.”

At the end, we would recommend use of antivirus software in any kind to computer system to protect from various forms of unknown threats.

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