Is a Mere Antivirus Sufficient to Protect Your PC?

Total Security SoftwareAre you prepared to face an unintended malware attack? Is your security program offering you optimal protection from the latest viruses, spyware, Trojans, phishing attempts and other cyber weapons of notorious attackers? Let me put it this way “when did the last time you update your antivirus?”. If you are not sure, it’s time to rethink your computer security program. Today’s evolving cyber threat environment exposes your computer and data in it to potentially fatal sophisticated threats. You either need to be proficient enough to handle these or step-up your security regime.

But, do you think you can afford to invest that much time and efforts on a task with uncertain outcomes? With numerous internet threats bombarding the cyber world every now and then, it is close to impossible for one to think of putting in so much, that too when an individual is trying hard to strike a balance in personal life and professional front. How about having an expert at your quick help to sort out all your computer security worries, that too without bothering you?

Total Security Solution: Your Way to Proactive Virus Security

The Total Security Software enables you to get the best out of your PC security program. This utility, from the house of Unistal, ably detects latest virus intrusions and cleans up your system of all the malicious codes. With its interactive interface and responsible virus support you can put all your computer security worries to rest.

Total security software escalates your virus protection program with:

  • Fool proof virus scanner: Roots out all the malicious codes and traces of latest virus intrusions from your files, folders, and data.
  • Internet security module: Combats most advanced phishing attempts, spywares, spams, Trojans, rootkits and other internet threats. Enjoy worry-free online shopping, as all your  online transactions are secure.
  • Optimized system performance: System tune up mechanism clears unnecessary registry entries and files for enhanced performance. Utilizes your system’s resources in idle time, thereby preventing slow down.
  • Optimize power consumption: The total security software understands your varying power needs and automatically keeps power consumption to the minimal when your laptop is running on battery.
  • Critical data filter: Prevents your confidential personal data, such as social security number, from leaving your system.   
  • Responsible virus control: With regular virus updates and active control, the PC security software take charge of your system’s security and offers protection against the latest threats.     
  • Data revival mechanism: Preventive data loss module utilizes advanced algorithms to avoid your data files and information from getting permanently erased from your system.

You simply need to install the advanced virus security software and enjoy a trouble-free uninterrupted computing session. Would your existing antivirus program offer you a fool proof protection from virus nuisance without you having to intervene? Here is a virus security software which adjusts to the changing needs of modern computer users with varied security requirements.

Download…Install…and…Forget: 3 Steps to Total Security

No matter who you are and what you expect out of your PC security regime. You are just three steps away from being totally secure. You simply need to download the antivirus, follow the instructions for quick installation, and you are ready to face the advanced security challenges. As per your security needs, you may select advanced level of customization or go for the completely automated security module. The total security software has it all!