Is the Internet Safe for My Teenage Children?

Teenage ChildrenBeing a parent is not as easy as it might seem. It is even more difficult to be a responsible parent. Kids and teens today have enormous exposure with technology, which their parents didn’t have during their childhood years. Internet, PCs, mobile phones- you name it and teens today have access to them. While, these goodies of the modern times bring in great comfort and provide platform to socialize, they do suffer from certain flaws as well. Moreover, if the user is naive and not sufficiently informed about their negatives, things are bound to get worse.

How is My Young One at Risk?

A great place to interact, stay connected with peers, and get knowledge, the Internet is filled with predators who are eying vulnerable users to exploit. Everybody is out there, and therefore cyber world mirrors our society, having positive as well as negative forces. The Internet can harm your child in a numerous ways.

If not reasonably aware, your kid could end up being trapped by a malicious stranger who tried to befriend him/her. Moreover, Internet is filled with all sorts of content, and you never know what your kid gets exposed to. The incidences of cyberbullying by misusing personal information given out by an innocent computer user (who might not be able to anticipate the outcomes) are quite high world over. Additionally, cyber crime numbers are too catching up. Apart from these, your children might unknowingly invite a computer virus, of the kind- spyware, adware and crimeware by responding to a pop-ups or email Spam.

Is Refraining Them from Internet The Way Out?

No, keeping them off the Internet and computers would mar their creativity. It is often said, that adapting with changing times is the best way to develop and keep off troubles. Therefore, it is advisable to evolve your parenting techniques rather than abstaining your children from new things.

Make sure to always be informed of your kid’s whereabouts and activities. Win your child’s trust and make him/her share his/her experiences with you, be it good or bad. Once you are successful in this, try to impart your child the knowledge about staying safe online. Ask them not to interact with someone on the Internet whom they have never met personally. Also, there is nothing wrong in making use of technology to keep tabs on them. Use Parenting Software  to not only monitor but also restrict their Internet usage. Use security software applications to completely protect your family and home computer from threats.