TASHU (Trust Association to Shine High with Unistal) by Unistal


TASHU is a Trust Association gesture by Unistal with an opportunity of extra earnings for all the partners and engineers who are dedicated in promoting ProtegentTASHU is especially designed for Unistal’s data security product range, Protegent.

On 12th Dec, 2016, TASHU is officially launched by Unistal for promoting our antivirus product Protegent for IT partners and engineers in India to get associated with it and start earning add-on profits.

Partners and Engineers in India can get associated with TASHU and instantly start earning when registered at http://www.protegent360.com/tashu/. As they get registered at TASHU, there account gets automatically credited with 10 points as joining reward by Unistal.


TASHU encourages partners and engineers to promote Protegent antivirus activating its licenses on end customers’ computer systems. TASHU works on the principle of MORE ACTIVATIONS = MORE POINTS = MORE EARNINGS. Registered TASHU members need to update their TASHU account with the customer’s activation details and as soon as they get updated, the respective reward points get added to their account. The TASHU members need to remember that on every installation/activation of Protegent products for their customers, they should always login to their TASHU account to fill the activation details.

TASHU is designed for Protegent data security products which are:

1. Protegent Antivirus – Get 1 Point on Installation/Activation


Protegent Antivirus comes with two-tier protection which removes viruses, malware and protects computers from unknown worms, Trojans and much more. It keeps computer free from any virus threats and also doesn’t hamper system performance as well. It also comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery software which recover/restore lost, deleted and corrupted data.

On Activation/Installation of Protegent Antivirus, TASHU members get 1 reward point.


2. Protegent Total Security – Get 2 Points on Installation/Activation



Protegent Total Security provides an extended protection against online security threats to your computer. It also protects computer systems from malwares, phishing attacks and spam. Not only this, it also encompasses features like parental control, bi-directional firewall and spam filter to protect systems from cyber attack.

On Activation/Installation of Protegent Total Security, TASHU members get 2 reward points

3. Protegent Complete Security – Get 3 Points on Installation/Activation

pcs-boxProtegent Complete Security is infused with extremely advanced features for an absolute protection against advanced emerging threats. This security software ensures that you computer stay protected from any sought of viruses, spywares and other internet threats. It comes with advanced inbuilt modules such as Crash Proof for data loss prevention, Port Locker for data leakage prevention, Activity Reporter for activity monitoring & reporting, Locate Laptop for tracking lost computers and Sysboost to system tune-up.

On Activation/Installation of Complete Security, TASHU member get 3 reward points

At the end, we urge all IT partners and engineers across India to get register with TASHU to be a part of Protegent promotion and get extra monetary rewards while selling products data security products.

For TASHU registration log on: http://www.protegent360.com/tashu/

For any Business Enquires Contact: marketing@unistal.com or +91 8800114822