Whether we should Buy Antivirus Online ?


Antivirus Software is an essential component of every computer system as suggested by technology experts. Having antivirus software in your computer not only allows the user to be free to access internet without thinking about the viruses and other internet threats but also keep data kept in computer system safe from any virus attack.

Various antivirus are available at market places which provide protection from viruses, spywares, root kits, and other internet threats. But the user has to make a choice of whether to buy antivirus from physical shops or directly buy antivirus online from market places like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Before buying antivirus, the users should first think of the features which should be present in that antivirus software. I do believe that there is no best antivirus software which fits into all users’ criteria. There are basic three types of data security software also known as antivirus software:

1.     Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software is first version of data security software which can also be called a basic version suitable for home users or people whose computer usage is limited. This antivirus software provides protection from viruses, spywares and removes malware and protects you against the latest strains of viruses, worms, Trojans and more. It not only keeps your PC clean but also enhances your privacy and empowers surf the web.

2.     Total Security Software

Total Security is the second version of data security software which is an advanced version as compared to antivirus. Total Security Antivirus Solution provides comprehensive protection against online threats to computer system. This software has the ability to stop phishing attacks and spam which can adversely affect computers. It also provides data encryption features which encrypts the confidential data when enter during any online payment so that any intruder can’t hack to reveal the data. Parental control features also comes with this software which allows monitoring and reporting of children internet and application activity.

3.     Complete Security Software

Complete Security Software comes with extremely advanced which provides absolute protection from viruses, spywares and other internet threats. This software checks for every possibility of virus attack which might approach system from external drives, CD/DVDs and obviously from internet. Having complete security software in computer system enables user to keep its hand free on internet use without worries about any virus attack.

Now, it’s time to discuss about the source from which antivirus software should be purchased. As I believe that users should always buy antivirus software and not use the antivirus which are displayed as free. The antivirus software which is available for free tends to be virus infected and may trace out confidential information from your computer system as well. This is not it; free antivirus software installs some irrelevant adware while getting installed in user’s computer. That’s why I always recommend use of paid antivirus software which gives all round protection to computer system.