Why Antivirus Software with Data Recovery is Must

Why Antivirus Software with Data Recovery is Must

Why Antivirus Software with Data Recovery is Must With the advancement in the IT sector and computers, there is always a need for a better product or software than the current version. Same goes with Antivirus Software which is the most essential utility for very computer system for the protection from unknown viruses, spywares and other internet threats.

As we strongly recommend using antivirus software for every computer system which allows the users to freely work on their system and surf on the web as well. As advancement is necessity in every domain, so why not in antivirus software?

Why we can’t expect antivirus software to perform more operations in addition to protection from viruses and spywares. What about an antivirus which comes with inbuilt data recovery software.  How does it sound?

Data kept in computer system tends to be very important and essential of every individual and organization as well. The financial worth of the data kept in the computer system can’t be judge for an organization. We can definitely expect that users accidentally deleting their data files which are very crucial and confidential. The amazing combination of antivirus with data recovery is going to be very helpful for individual users and organizations as well.

Generally, people buy antivirus online to protect their system from any unknown viruses & spywares which can lead to data corruption, confidential data leaking out through internet which sometimes lead to deletion of data. Here’s when the data recovery software plays a vital role.

The data recovery software which comes inbuilt with antivirus works on the concept of saving image of the physical memory in a tabular form which contains all files name present in the system along with its physical memory in memory.  If data gets deleted accidentally due to any reason, the user can use the data recovery software to recover/restore the data back to stable state.

Computer users would be very happy to accept software which includes antivirus and data recovery software as well.

Our Antivirus Software “Protegent” is the only in the world to have an inbuilt proactive data recovery software (Crash Proof). We had done a deep research about the interesting combination of antivirus software with data recovery before going ahead to introduce it in Antivirus sector.

That’s it in the discussion on why antivirus with data recovery is must. We do believe that the facts mentioned above are true as per our knowledge. I would be happy to if any reader wanted to give their valuable suggestions on the above discussed topic.

We hope that readers would get benefited from the above discussion and we promise that we will be come back with some more in context on Antivirus Software. Till then keep Protegent in your system for secure computer use and get benefits of its inbuilt data recovery software for data loss prevention.