Why is it important to install a port locker solution on the PC?

What is port locker?

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It is a system that protects our PC or laptop from data leakage or data theft. In this world of the Internet, when most of the educated people get access to email and social media websites, data leakage prevention becomes really necessary for everyone, whether individual or organization. Data transfer on emails or chat services, makes data prone to risk. Hence port locker comes to the scene for risk management.

Different ways through which important information leaves the system

The use of very small device, like Pen drive has made it easier to store and transfer immense data from one computer to another. It can store 2 GB to 8 GB or more files at a time. If not scanned before using on the computers, it can pass viruses or other malware as well. Hence it is advisable to scan it properly through security software, which restrict USB devices, otherwise it can even obstruct the functioning of the PC by slowing its speed etc.

Nowadays, we get a number of ports on our advanced PC or laptop. Various media, such as, mobile phones, camera, tablets or television can be connected through these ports. A number of Data Media, such as, Smart card, Compact flash card, Secure digital card, SD micro, SD mini, Smart media, MMC multimedia card, XD picture card, Memory stick and Jet flash can be connected through various ports. Hence, huge amount of data is at risk through various ports, naming LAN, USB, CD,  Thumb drive and Jump drive etc.

Some of the web pages are intentionally infected with malicious programs, like Trojans, rootkits and if visiting by chance, can leak valued information to an outsider.

Physical theft is also a possibility in case of increasing use of small data storage of transfer devices.

If you really want to get rid of all kinds of data leakage, get Port locker software for yourself. This tool is very much effective in data leakage prevention of almost all types of leakages through various ports. Protegent 360 is the only tool to handle these problems 24*7. it is equipped with a capable system to lock all the ports at your comfort. You can change the settings for different ports by choosing out of various options.

You not only can restrict USB devices, but other ports as well. With secure data, you can improve the usability of system, Internet and your valuable time simultaneously. Wish you happy surfing with peaceful mind!