Antivirus Software – Paid or Free



Antivirus, when used as paid or free version ensures security at both stages. But what concerns most to users is which of the two will satisfy their system requirement fully. Well, Security scientists/experts will defend use of a free version works the same level as the paid version of a security software does. Nevertheless, the only area in which they differ is the specification or area of protection they cover.

The free version will only cover security at the basic level. While on the other hand, a paid version of any security software covers a whole range of security. Paid antivirus software comes embedded with latest technology which caters to the total security of a computer system. They are automatically gets updated with all virus definitions and come with a subscription period. The moment this subscription period ends, it keeps sending message to the users for its renewal.

The free antivirus download on the other hand, guards the system from contracting any online threats or offers USB and other hardware protections. They too help the system remain at optimized state. Unlike paid version, they don’t come with full functionalities and any subscription fees. It can be used completely free of cost till another free version is launched by the antivirus company.

When a user installs free antivirus software in the computer system, some unwanted freeware gets installed in the system without the user knowing about it. These freeware can be called spywares as well that sometimes leaks out confidential information from computer system. Freeware software do random things to your computer system like generate unwanted pop-up during web browsing, set the default search engine to some unknown search engine, sets home page to a different URL which is not assigned by the user of the computer system.

Whereas in paid antivirus, there is no chance of any unwanted software or freeware getting in installed in your computer system which keeping your system protection at optimum level and there is no leakage of confidential information from user’s system. In case of paid antivirus, the user won’t be finding any issues while browsing internet as well which is not in the case of free antivirus.

Having said all, now it is upon a computer user to decide whether he wants a free antivirus or paid antivirus for his system.

But it is clear that paid antivirus software provides 360 Complete Security to your system which is not possible with free antivirus software.

We strongly recommend that users should use paid antivirus software for individual and commercial use. Using Paid Antivirus ensure complete security for your computer system.

That’s it in the discussion on comparison of free and paid antivirus. I do believe that the facts mentioned above are true as per our knowledge. I would be happy to if any reader wanted to give their valuable suggestions on the above discussed topic.

We hope that readers would get benefited from the above discussion and we promise that we will be come back with some more in context on Antivirus Software. Till then keep Protegent in your system for secure computer use.