What is a partition? Can its deletion/corruption affect my PC?

What is a partition Can its deletioncorruption affect my PCPartition simply refers to a storage unit on your hard disk. Ideally you have a single hard disk which is responsible to store and keep your data. But the same hard disk can be logically divided into multiple partitions to make it act like multiple hard disks are there to support your PC. This act of dividing a hard disk into multiple small storage units is called partitioning.

Though, there is nothing wrong with using a hard disk with single partition, partitioning is done primarily to organize the data effectively and manage it with ease. For example, you can choose to split your hard disk into various logical partitions in a way that the operating system and installed applications are stored in one partition, while your data resides in a separate partition. This way, any damage caused to the partition with the OS will not affect your data, and this damaged partition can be repaired separately without touching other partitions.

Moreover, small partitions have small cluster sizes, which is the smallest unit of data a partition can hold. Therefore, if you are required to store huge amount of data, it will be beneficial for you to split your hard disk, so that the data files take less space due to smaller partitions.

If your hard disk is larger than the partition size required to hold your operating system, you can opt to fragment it into multiple partitions for your ease.

Your computer is a machine composed of few hardware units and supporting software. Anything can go wrong with it and hamper its normal functioning. Partition deletion and corruption are few of the uninvited situations which can make your computer’s functioning go haywire. Corruption or deletion of a particular partition can make you lose your vital data stored in it.

If the partition containing your OS and installed applications gets corrupted, you can repair it by reinstalling your OS. But, if the partition having your personal data is damaged then it might become difficult to gain access to your data. Therefore, it is advisable to take appropriate precautions and backup your data on a regular basis. Also, you can opt for data loss prevention applications which can revive your data, thereby preventing you from losing it forever.